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The Allium Cepa: “Trump ‘I am a big idiot’ “

I know in a way this simply is a distraction from all serious damage the Trump administration is doing (see this : All the Terrifying Things That Donald Trump Did Lately as of April 28th).  And it deflects attention away from all harm the Congressional Republicans are doing to the country (health care, tax reform, and gutting Dodd-Frank Legislation). But sometimes you just got to go with The Onion view. It does have a certain appeal.

Trump imstupidWASHINGTON—Responding to a damning Washington Post report alleging he had shared highly classified information with Russian officials, President Donald Trump addressed the concerns of the press, his fellow government officials, and the public at large Tuesday by announcing that he was an incredibly stupid human being. “I am a big idiot,” said the president, adding that the reason he always messes everything up is that he is a dumb moron who doesn’t know better.

“I do a lot of things that don’t make sense and are bad, and that’s because I don’t understand much. If I was smart, I would do stuff better, but I’m not. I’m really, really stupid.” The commander in chief added that it was probably best if somebody stopped him from doing dumb things all the time because he was too stupid to know how.