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Shipwrecked: Trump and the GOP crew

Although Democrats made significant gains on Election Day last week, which was hopeful news, sadly it was also the one-year anniversary of Trump’s “BIG” victory of course Donald narrowly won but he continues to lie about it. So, a little late, here is what seems an appropriate poem to mark the event. (Sadly a Russian language version of the poem was unavailable):


capntrump2Disaster at Sea

It was a calm, still day in Yarmouth,
The channel clear and wide,
As the last of the timber sailing ships
Sailed out on the evening tide.

They never saw that ship again;
They searched when it was light,
But that fine old timber vessel sank
That clear and peaceful night.

No one knows what happened
On that night in 1910;
But the crew and her cargo of woodpeckers
Were never seen again.

Les Barker – 2005