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GOP governors’ climate of denial

As of now only two out of 33 GOP (red state) governors have joined the newly formed U.S. Climate Alliance, providing only a thin bipartisan veil. USclimateAllianceThe new U.S. Climate Alliance was put together by three Democratic governors in response to Trump withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreements President Obama had agreed to. The new association has no power to form a legally binding treaty, but is made up of a group of state governments with similar policies regarding climate change.

Polls show a majority of people in all 50 states supporting the Paris Accords on Climate Change. Support for the Paris Climate Accord was running as high as 69% among Democrats and 51% with Republicans. Nearly eight out of ten registered voters (78%) support taxing global warming pollution, regulating it, or using both approaches, while only one in ten opposes these approaches. The influence of campaign money from climate denial groups (Koch Bros.) and fossil fuel industries, or just fear of a late night Trump twitter lashing seems to keep GOP governors in line.

In Democratic New Jersey, where they have faced recent extreme flooding, Republican Gov. Chris Christie wouldn’t quit Trump. Florida and low-lying Gulf states of Alabama and Mississippi aren’t breaking ranks. And 25 states that have GOP governors and GOP controlled legislatures are unlikely to join the new climate group. Gov. Chris Sununu (R,NH) in solid GOP New Hampshire says “it’s a federal issue” but  “stands by” Trump’s decision. Only governors Charlie Baker (MA) and Gov. Phil Scott (VT) publicly signed on. Governors Larry Hogan (MD)  and John Kasich (OH) are  referred to as potential members  still sitting on the fence.

Until the unlikely event that GOP governors start to break with Trump’s anti-science party line, the U.S. Climate Alliance will be looking distinctly Democratic and blue. Good to know which party is really looking out for people.