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Donald, Mike: stick to suits and ties please

As we stare down North Korea and drop MOABs, President Trump and his VP Mike Penceneither of whom ever served in the armed forcesmight reconsider the military look they both seem to be cultivating. admiraltrumpTrump looks like he’s signed up as a discount version for Bob Hope’s old USO tours.hope in Korea





‘Rest room…first door on the right,sir”


Vice President Pence  toured the South Korean DMZ,  wore a leather flight jacket and gave a command performance managing to maintain a  serious demeanorgravitas worthy of a made for TeeVee action movie, or maybe his feet hurt.

Is the administration attempting to send some tough-guy image out to the world? Or are they both so insecure they feel the need to dress-up in bits of uniforms when around military personnel? A little of both perhaps. But not alone.

President George W. Bush , the Vietnam War-era Texas Air National Guard no-show strutted around for his White House-produced Iraq War photo op. After landing on an aircraft carrier in the co-pilot’s seat of a fighter (exterior freshly marked with “Navy 1” and “George W. Bush Commander in Chief” ) he posed wearing a flight suit under a very premature Mission Accomplished banner.

And Democrat Mike Dukakis (who was only running for president) did look a fool putting on a tank commander’s helmet and driving a tank during his 1998 campaign.

kennedyMaybe it is because I am old enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. At the height of the international military crisis, after ordering a total blockade of Cuba Kennedy didn’t bluster or need to dress up in parts of a uniform or wear his medals to show toughness.kennedyII

In 1964, President Kennedya real decorated veteran of WWII (the Navy Marine Corps Medal and a Purple Heart)went on TV to address the world confident in his role as civilian President and commander of the US military.

So Donny and Mikey: stop it! Just stop it! Go back to suits and ties! Don’t make it so easy for the writers at SNL by looking like clowns.