Monumental removal priorities

For today at least, and for sanity’s sake I plan to limit myself to following reports about  Trump’s latest outburst  of support for white nationalists to 140 character bites such as the one below.  This time President Trump angrily  went off script and perhaps the rails to totally reject  criticism of the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville Virginia.

gotta go


One thought on “Monumental removal priorities

  1. Confederate monuments are Trump’s idea of “culture”…not public radio and television; not fine art and literature (which don’t generally cotton to the likes of him.)

    He likes his steaks burnt, with ketchup; his flunkies, yes-men; his women submissive; his TV, simplistic and flattering; and his “art” on the front of a Trump promotional brochure.

    What a connais-sewer!

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