Just a “hoax” ? No,and it is as big as…

In addition to recently pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accords, our own climate-denier-in-chief really has tweeted climate change skepticism 115 times. In 2012 Trump accused the Chinese government of promoting the “hoax” of climate change science in order to gain competitive advantage over the U.S.A.ahoax

Regardless of what Donald Trump might tweet or want to believe about climate change, this is not hoax: one of the largest icebergs ever recorded — 2,200 square miles — has broken off from Antarctica. For now, some scientists caution, it is too soon to determine if this is a direct result of climate change — but it certainly focuses the mind.

But how big is the giant iceberg compared to the size of something most people can comprehend? Well, if you are are familiar with Ukraine, it is half the size of the Transcarpathian region. The online news site Quartz.com has a regional rundown of what in the world something so large can be compared to so we can understand the magnitude of what just happened. asbigas

And should President Trump care to give the giant iceberg a second thought while watching a the Bastille Day parade and festivities in France this week he might find it enlightening to know that it is  55 times the size of Paris.

5 thoughts on “Just a “hoax” ? No,and it is as big as…

  1. As nuclear engineer I believe in science, with all its limitations. Therefore I believe in climate change and the concerns raised and many actions being taken.

    What I have trouble understanding is those who believe in the science behind climate change and don’t believe in the science behind radiation safety – the up to date science, not the 1950’s science.

    1. A person can have concerns and even fears about future Fukushimas, Chernobyls, and nuclear weapon proliferation without denying the science behind them. Such worries are not the same as stopping the clean-up effort and calling the damage a foreign “hoax”.

    2. It is precisely because we believe in the science around radiation that fully informed observers understand that the unacceptable environmental and biological hazards from nuclear energy do not begin and end in the reactor.

  2. Channeling the hyberbolic denier-in-chief (I’ve been watching too much Colbert): “It’s big, really big. Stupendous. Our amazing and unbelievable climate-change contributions helped make this colossal berg happen!”

    1. Or, ten times the size all the Donald’s imagined fake news and the iceberg could be described as one eighth bigger than Trump’s imaginary “World’s biggest witch hunt”.

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