Trump Jr. and the word of the day

The is out with a big story. They report that during the campaign, Donald Trump Jr. was told before holding a meeting with a Russian lawyer that information damaging to Hillary Clinton he might  access would be coming from the Russian government. President Trump’s son in-law and current multi-tasking White House adviser Jared Kushner and his then-campaign manager Paul Manafort also attended the meeting.

word of the dayThe Times article is pay walled but here’s a link is to placing the meeting in context of the campaign: Less than six weeks before Wikileaks released its first tranche of emails, only a month before that still never explained platform intervention, Donald Trump Jr was asked to take a meeting with a Russian lawyer who had dirt on Hillary Clinton. He was told that the dirt was the product of a Russian government program. He took the meeting in hopes of getting the dirt. [added emphasis]

Like it or not we are cursed to live in interesting times — with Trump. So, sadly, a little birdie keeps telling us this drama still has a long and likely painful way to go before it plays itself out.



3 thoughts on “Trump Jr. and the word of the day

  1. Like father, like son. Father bragged that he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone, and not lose any voters. Today son seems to feel that he can publish evidence of his collusion with the Russian government with no consequences. Is he right?

    1. As long as Trump’s GOP enablers in Congress are on board they may be able to survive.So for now at least beware if Trump is ever in the middle of 5th ave.

  2. It’s fascinating to watch the contortions Republican apologists have been going through today to try and subdue this beast of a blockbuster.

    I see that Junior has been referred to as “Fredo” by many pundits for months now. Stay out of rowboats, Fredo!

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