The GOP brought the Trump circus to town

About a month ago some online betting sites were offering even odds that Trump would resign or be impeached before his first term was over. trumpcir1










I wonder what the odds are now, after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. And doing so under the flimsy pretense that Director Comey mismanaged the FBI’s investigation into…Hillary Clinton’s emails!?!

I know I have heard enough about her damn emails too but nowhere near enough about Trump’s troubling connections to Russia. (A day ago CNN published an impressive graph mapping in detail the tangled Trump/Russia web.) There are two investigations currently underway in the Congress regarding the Russian involvement with Trump. Democrats are calling for the formation of a special prosecutor’s office to investigate. It is time for an independent and thorough investigation into the Trump campaign and his administration’s involvement with Russia.

But Republicans have a solid majority in the U.S. House, a slim one in the Senate. Thus our country remains largely at the mercy of the GOP the party we can thank for inviting Trump’s circus to town in the first place.

And we know that neither the current president, nor the House Speaker, nor the Senate Majority Leader have any sense of shame over lies told and maneuvers done to preserve power despite lives harmed or lost.

From history, and the righteous take-down of the last power-hungry demagogue out to destroy lives:  You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency? 

3 thoughts on “The GOP brought the Trump circus to town

  1. The Trump Circus came to town, via Bernie Sanders. Sanders fought Hillary Clinton during the primaries and lost. Sanders never, ever really campaigned for her, or supported her in anyway, Not ever ever saying anything good about Hillary, only that Trump was bad and he would stop him from being President. Well, that did not happen and Bernie brought the Circus Train to Vermont. Bernie talks alot, way too much in fact, but never, ever gets anything DONE! When has he put an extra dime in your pocket since he was elected to the House and then the Senate? No! As so many of his former supporters are NOW saying, he talks, people listen, and then no results. Same stump speech for the past 35 years. Where are these changes? He calls it his life’s work. Well, the life work did not produce any results. Did he stop Trump? No. And now we all have Trump for probably the next 8 years. Now he will have to spend time with Jane and her bank fraud investigations by the FDIC and the FBI. What will get done? Nada.

    1. This isn’t Bernie’s fault anymore than it is all Comey’s or all Hillary’s fault. Every disaster has multiple causes and lots of factors went into Trump’s victory.
      Time to move-on,the house is on fire.
      Right now there is pretty short list of anyone in the GOP daring to more than speak-out timidly against their president’s latest outrage-they own the circus.

    2. There were so many reasons for Trump “winning” the presidency, but Bernie was not one of them. If he had run as an independent, you might have had a short leg to stand on, but as things stood, Bernie was just one of two primary candidates. You seem to be suggesting that if nobody competed with Hillary for the nomination, we wouldn’t now have Trump as president. That is simply absurd.

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