Trump approval still low

Trumpfeatsfail 2Gallup’s recent daily tracking poll of 1,500 adults shows Donald Trump’s steadily declining approval rating. He recently hit a new low of only 37% of respondents who approve of the job he is doing as president. And more than half (58%) disapprove.

Among independents his support continues to fall, but among all those falling numbers, Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum points out Trump continues popular with GOP base. In fact Trump’s support at this point in his presidency is pretty much the same as  what Reagan and Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.  were with the GOP base. From his early high with the base Trump is now down to near 90% approval among Republicans


But Donald my be about to mess that up. Trump recently took to his twitter machine to attack specific members of the Freedom Caucus, in part blaming them for his healthcare bill’s embarrassing loss in the House. The buck stops everywhere except but with Trump.

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