Gov. Sununu carries water for EPA’s Scott Pruitt

Vermont better keep an eye on this if only because we “share” the Connecticut River and for that matter a planet, with New Hampshire. It appears that state’s new Republican Governor Chris Sununu wants a little jump start on polluting his state waterways and may want to take a time out from his ongoing voter suppression campaign.waterdownhill

To those ends Sununu sent a letter inviting to New England Scott “big oil BFF” Pruitt, the new head of the US Environmental Protection Agency,  to explore loosening “burdensome” regulations governing storm water rules. His letter references a program that requires towns that collect and dispose of storm water to get a special permit. Such disposal can pass pollutants into water systems.  Do you suppose Sununu cc’d his invite on this one to his fellow New England Republican Governors, his  buddies Phil Scott and Charlie Baker?

Pruitt, the new head of the US EPA might enjoy a diversion after he came under fire last week for comments openly questioning accepted facts about climate change science. By the end of week the EPA’s telephone voice messaging system was overwhelmed with a massive number of calls.

Governor Sununu will always enjoy discussing tearing up a few clean water regulations and Pruitt will get a nice friendly regional platform to spew Trump’s anti-regulation initiatives.

But no worries: Sununu claims that, as if by magic “if these federal mandates disappeared tomorrow, New Hampshire would not cease to keep our waters clean.”  He may starkly figure ‘so what’ about a polluted NH or planet: after all, we ‘live free and die.’  Besides, it all runs downhill (out of New Hampshire) doesn’t it, Governor?

2 thoughts on “Gov. Sununu carries water for EPA’s Scott Pruitt

  1. Chris is like his daddy John. I recall how Gov. John made a deal (The Art of the Deal) to buy tons of Digital computers with federal education money that he had no control over and springing it on NH school administrators at a state meeting. The pushback was quick and successful. Few of the obsolete computers were ever purchased. Daddy John was simply seeking favor from a NH company with no real interest in how it might impact NH schools.

    1. All in the family.
      I hate to be too much of a cynic but …wonder if the Sununu family business, Waterville Valley Resort in the White Mountain National Forest might possibly have any interest in EPA stromwater issue?
      The seven member Waterville Valley board of directors majority is still controlled by the Sununu family and the corporation owns most of the center of the town-making the NH Gov’s family business one of the largest municipal tax payers.

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