Darcie Johnston & Trump’s little shop of hires

ProPublica has compiled an online directory of 400 political hires Donald Trump has quietly made across the federal government. And as we know, Vermonter Darcie Johnston made the cut. The anti-Obama healthcare advocate and former Trump for President Campaign leader got herself a real job in the Federal Government. She’ll be working at Health and Human Services as a Special Assistant. The job is rated GS-14 which pays from $88,136.00 – $114,578.00 yearly.



The list assembled by ProPublica is a complete accounting of names that would normally just have dribbled out to the press. It shows the appointees to Trump’s so-called beachhead team. These are Donald loyalists named to federal jobs that need no senate confirmation: Trump’s true believers or just berserkers ready on day one, they said, to to begin laying the groundwork for the president-elect’s agenda.

Several of Donald’s more noteworthy best and brightest are spotlighted. Here are three likely worth keeping an eye on: A Trump campaign aide who argues that Democrats committed “ethnic cleansing” in a plot to “liquidate” the white working class found a home as Special Assistant to the Secretary, Department of Labor.

At the Department of the Treasury a former reality show contestant whose study of societal collapse inspired him to invent a bow-and-arrow-cum-survivalist multi-tool will test his mettle as a special assistant.  And finally, hailing from New Hampshire a Trump supporter who has only recently graduated from high school.

Maybe Darcie  and this kid will carpool back home to New England on holidays.

3 thoughts on “Darcie Johnston & Trump’s little shop of hires

  1. God help us all.

    Given Darcie’s track record, she can singlehandedly derail the entire department.

    On bad judgement, Trump is entirely consistent.

  2. I hope Darcie has a long government career (our tax dollars at work!), and that it keeps her occupied and far away from VT for the duration.

  3. These are the equivalent of the “minders” or the Party Political Kommisars that were embedded in all the military and government agencies. While they may have had a lower rank than the heads of these organizations, every significant decision was vetted by them for adherence to the communist principles, and their reports up the chain could cause a malefactor serious consequences.

    Interesting how sTrump gets his directions from that breitbart guy who is a self-professed Leninist. Lessons learned well, comrades.

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