Perjury could save the nation.

Sunday musings in a flu and Robitussen-induced fog:

Congressional Republicans have all the power to stop Donald Trump’s march to catastrophe, but recognizing that they have been effectively castrated by fear of populist revolt from their base, we are left frantically looking for a “Plan B” before the Doomsday Clock strikes twelve.

Apparently our best legal opportunity to curb the insanity is to get him into court for any reason and force him to testify under oath. This has been suggested repeatedly in the media but, IMHO, hasn’t gotten nearly enough traction.

The man appears incapable of distinguishing truth from fiction and it is unlikely that he can restrain himself from at least one boldface lie in the course of any sworn testimony, no matter how brief.

Therein lies the easily pulled lynchpin to impeachment.

I would guess that, by the time he lies under oath, at least half of all congressional Republicans would leap at the chance to push him toward the exit sign if given that opportunity through a simple impeachable offense such as perjury.

They’ll know, of course, that they will still have Mike Pence (God forbid!) to do their rightwing bidding…but Pence is considerably less likely to launch a missile strike on a whim.  We might actually survive to to see another election.

The beauty is that Donald Trump has done so many nasty and double-dealing things to so many people over the course of his personal and business history that the opportunities for court-ordered depositions abound.

What the public and the media must do is find some way to reassure his myriad victims that they have the opportunity to do the country a great service simply by dragging his ass into court.

Donald Trump will inevitably do the rest. He is programmed to lie even about trivial things. He simply can’t help himself.

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2 thoughts on “Perjury could save the nation.

  1. A leftwing films group keeps pressuring me to join the anti-Trump cause. I unsubscribed but they will have none of it. This was my response:

    I have unsubscribed pls stop sending me your communications. We are not on the same page. I was always Indie and still am, but currently support the reformed platform under Donald Trump as it is now the workers party following the Dem/Prog abdication of the worker and low-to-mid vast middle class obviously believing they don’t need us, insulting us all along with the Catholics, blacks, and “needy Hispanics” who have always voted Dem along with trashing the south referred to fondly by the DNC as “Confederate States of America” as evidenced by internal communiques forworded by the heroes in the intelligence community silenced by the Clinton Machine & DNC to WikiLeaks while resurrecting and blaming trusty but laughable nemesis “the Russians” again. This is why you lost — quit blaming the Russians — they always hack us and we them, along with the Chinese, this is not new! Coming from a nation with its secret Prism program leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden hacking us all including world leaders — quite a laugh.

    The throwing overboard of the middle class for an untenable classist & elitist platform supported by the likes of a wealthy donor class including Hollywood celebrities substituting such ridiculousness as singling out Exxon Mobil and other “deniers” for RICO action instead of real-world issues such as jobs, affordability, lower taxes & affordable health care which the [Un]Affordable Health Care Act was supposed to provide, rendering the last eight years a collossal waste & epic fail.

    Alienating by labelling all who dare disagree with their chicken-little sky-is-falling climate alarmist religious cult labelling all as science – global warming – climate change – “denialists” was the path over a cliff as old-school Dems like our neighbors never signed on and appalled by the Clinton revelations and circus which followed, voted Trump. Looks like they had plenty of company.

    Forgive us for taking offense to the hate filled diatribe leaking what the card-carrying insiders & party elites really think of those who haven’t signed up as loyal foot soldiers or soul-selling dedicated brownshirts — we the “basket of deplorables” who still think for ourselves, or just “think” period — scheduled to be shut out of public life by the neo-Marxists er, “Democratic Socialists” – uh huh. All who resist are marginalized and destroyed just as they have done everywhere since its inception wherever this form of governence has become a stronghold.

    May the hate-filled minions of idealogues who do not represent the people — even their own supporters — but party politics, be run out of the few statehouse & governorships they still cling to at least until they mend the error of their ways & become human beings again recognizing the shared humanity of those who simply disagree which are also fellow humans & citizens of our democratic republic with hopes and dreams just like them. To those who cannot move past the denial stage of grief may I suggest moving to a fascist dictatorship for a while to fully understand what the import of a fifth term of tin-pot antics for the criminal Clintons would portend.

    There are many socialist nations full of subjects to a mere crown which are already following this doctrinaire dictum — pick one! Surely they would welcome fellow “democratic socialists” from the great USA to purchase their homes & take their jobs so that they can join we the freedom-loving as we prosper together and continue to care for our states & nation. I predict we will be the happening place moreso than we already are & could use the talent and and “lessons learned” instead of filling our country with enemies of our nation who hate us and all we stand for & using grown men are invading the world under the pretext for the free lunch of refugee status while sexually assaulting women and children. Having destroyed the cultural ME for many decades with factional infighting which has continued since the book of Genesis & having destroyed the infrastructure they’re now running out of land.

    Better yet — awaken and arise from your slumber, sniff the Folgers crystals, take a good long look in the mirror and admit we’ve been had by a snake-shifting traitorous manchurian infiltrator who nearly destroyed our nation and all we stand for to sell what’s left of our crime-infested cities which are now hellholes following the ravages of the first two, then Obamas two, Clinton terms, down the river of slavery to the globalist interests to pick apart, corporate overlords & the wealthy banking fams for a pittance, as I and others who supported this truly great phony now rue the day he took office have done. The choices for the most part were nonexistant but I still made a mistake! It’s ok to make mistakes — failing to learn from them is not. Come join the REAL revolution & make the once great USA work for *all of us* — not just the arrogant elite, only then can we be great again. Together we stand divided we fall. -deplorable stardust

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