Republicans visit Philadelphia: garbage trucks & Trump’s GOP ghost train

This past week saw national Republican lawmakers holding a retreat strategy meeting in Philadelphia. They found themselves literally cornered by protestors at a downtown hotel, surrounded by a protective barrier of garbage trucks-I wonder if this will soon become standard procedure for Republicans. garbagetruck

At the close of the gathering a chartered train was forced to leave the station empty as attendees were unwilling to risk walking past protestors.

Via eschatonblog from Philadelphia’s citywide blog

[…] the city deemed to protect the Loews Hotel where they were staying by using trash trucks to block off the streets — a ghost train of sorts was there to carry them off, back to Washington, D.C., this morning. When protestors arrived at 30th Street Station late this morning, to greet the visiting GOP one last time for the week with messages of dissent and resistance to an increasingly aberrant, toxic presidency, they soon realized: None from the party had the courage to enter the station, and take the train that had been chartered on the GOP’s behalf.  

“They totally had a private chartered train waiting for them at the station that pulled away empty because none of the GOP were willing to walk into the station,” one protestor on the scene told us. “The Amtrak agent had called for the boarding of the charter train number, over and over announcing its departure,” she said, “and then conferred with the protest organizers, who then announced it to the crowd.” Whereupon the crowd cheered. It was a fitting and triumphant end to a week that saw so many in Philadelphia responding to the absurd madness and craven greed of the Trump presidency in a way that the city’s founders would have been both proud of, and there for.

2 thoughts on “Republicans visit Philadelphia: garbage trucks & Trump’s GOP ghost train

  1. Let’s not blame the absurdity on just the faux president. The republicans brought this on themselves through brazen manipulation of news (real and fake), gerrymandering of districts, and deliberate mistreatment of one of the best real presidents this country has had.

    If their goal is to complete dismantle government then I’m all for absolute anarchy. However I know their goal is to reconstitute governments (federal, state, local) in a fashion that rewards themselves and their real constituents – the backers with billions.

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