Burnt orange or pumpkin, what color will Donald Trump be today?

Early on not many would have wasted a bet on Trump winning the election. And online speculation has been rampant about Trump’s changing color tone since before November. So, in a way it seems logical that now, as he takes office you can place a bet on what color he will be during the swearing in ceremonies.trump_skin_colour

An Irish betting website is taking wagers on the tone of President-elect Donald Trump’s skin at his inauguration, with options ranging anywhere from “deep saffron” to “vivid tangelo.”

The “Inauguration Skin Color” contest is just one of several tongue-in-cheek categories of bets that poke fun at Trump, famous for his orange-hued tan, on bookmaker Paddy Power’s website. The skin tone “Tiger’s Eye” is given 6/1 odds of appearing on Friday, while “Mahogany” is an 18/1 shot.

The online bookmaking site also offers 4/1 odds that President Trump will be impeached in his first six months in office.

Oh, and bets can also be placed on how soon President Trump will pay a visit to Russia-odds may be good Donald’s thank you visit to Vladimir Putin will be sooner rather than later.

One thought on “Burnt orange or pumpkin, what color will Donald Trump be today?

  1. Unfortunately, impeachment enthusiasts may be forgetting that we get Mike Pence for president if Trump is impeached.

    At least with Trump it’s a complete crapshoot what position he will ultimately take on literally any issue from which he personally doesn’t stand to either benefit or suffer.

    I don’t even know whether we can better trust Pence with the nuclear codes. He has definite Dick Cheney potential.

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