Wrapping your head around a Trump presidency

If you’re like me, almost nothing you’ve done since waking-up Wednesday morning has not involved anxious conversation about Donald Trump in our future.

There’s a lot to digest in the press, but here are links to some articles from a wide range of sources over the past twenty-four hours, that I specifically wanted to share.

New York Times:  Clinton won the popular vote by a substantial margin.

Fortune: Sanders would have been a better candidate.

Al Jazeera: What a Trump Victory Means for Women.

Slate: Who Can Rein-in President Trump?

Recode: Trump Hates Net Neutrality

Washington Post: Trump and Moscow

The Verge: What will Trump do to the NIH

Forbes: Edward Snowden on Trump

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2 thoughts on “Wrapping your head around a Trump presidency

  1. Happy one-week anniversary of Black Tuesday ’16.

    Quick recap: Alfred E. Neuman’s socially promoted, educationally challenged, developmentally-arrested, pine-ass minor league mogul and sadistic brother is going to be the face of the United States.
    “What, me worry?”

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