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Posting links for local and national up-to-date voting results is probably a quaint retro-bloggy thing to do in 2016 (anyone still have dial-up?) and most people probably follow on twitter & Facebook – but just in case here are three good links.votevoice

All politics are local so here thanks to SoS Jim Condos is the Vermont Secretary of State’s Election Day results map. It is updated by county as result come in.

Talking Points Memo has a good results map and editor’s live blog. And if you want to go deep Five Thirty Eight’s hour to hour state by state How to Watch Election Guide that can’t be beat.

8 thoughts on “Election Day results links

  1. Ye-Olde-Live-Blog-much? Soo last election!

    In a world gone mad, nice to see coolish heads, rationalish comments & calm hands-on-deck — more the merrier, thanks a bunch! Too tired these days to comment or where to begin. However tables have turned, political paradigm shift. *Sigh*

      1. Shipwrecked
        In my mind I listed some of things that could be considered bright spots in this world of Trump GOP/shit we just woke up to: Vermont’s Congressional Delegation,a Dem majority state leg.,a new Lt. Gov and even though Scott our new Gov. is a Republican he isn’t whacked like his GOP buddies. It then occurred to me this was akin to inventorying the survival supplies in a lifeboat after a shipwreck.

        1. Good analogy!

          Locally, though, the only things I have to celebrate this morning is the fact that Cindy Weed appears to have squeaked by with a narrow win of just 15 votes in Franklin 7, and Norm McAllister’s seat has been claimed by a woman; albeit a Republican woman. But, as you say about Scott, Carolyn Branagan isn’t “whacked” and I can certainly work with her.

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