Democrat Dick Mazza “anchors” Scott campaign TV spot

Erstwhile Democratic State Senator Dick Mazza is the featured “anchor” in a 30-second TV spot for Republican gubernatorial candidate Phil Scott. dick4philState Senator Mazza, supposedly a Democrat, has a long history of crossing sides to support and assist  the VTGOP in statewide office races.(notably Dubie for Governor 2010 and Scott for Lt. Gov. 2014) so this isn’t exactly a surprise.

But now, in 2016, it is one close, close race for governor. The results of VPR poll released yesterday showed the gubernatorial race to be a dead heat with plenty of undecided voters (14%) remaining.  Democratic candidate  Sue Minter has worked long and hard and gained ground over Scott’s early advantage in statewide name recognition. So, now along comes her fellow Democrat Senator Dick Mazza to help … Republican Phil Scott.

What can you say but “Hey, thanks a lot. Dick!”

13 thoughts on “Democrat Dick Mazza “anchors” Scott campaign TV spot

  1. Nice one!
    President Obama to do ad for Sue Minter!
    Seven Days reports:

    Minter campaign spokesman Elliot Bent confirmed the [Washington]Post’s story Friday morning.

    “In the ad, the president endorses Sue because she shares his values: economy for the middle class, education, fighting climate change, protecting women’s right to choose,” he said in a brief written statement.

    Dick who?

  2. I believe this is endorsement of Phil Scott by Dick Mazza is totally acceptable. How is this different from the endorsement of the Chair of the VT Democrat Party endorsing Bernie Sanders, over Hillary Clinton? Bernie was not and is not a Democrat, never has been a Democrat. She crossed over the line. Did she not know that Hillary Clinton was a Democrat, yet voted for Bernie. No different than Dick Mazza. He has worked with Phil Scott for so many years, knows him well, and knows he will not tax Vermonters to death with tons of new taxes. I, too, am a Democrat, voting for Phil Scott! So are 25% of Vermont Democrats. There is a very good reason to do so: we cannot have another minute of tax and spend Democrats in the State House again.

    1. Eh,Bernie was running in the Democratic primary to run as the Democratic candidate. He wasn’t running against a Democrat in the general election.Big difference.

      And I’ll ad that the latest VPR poll shows Scott is getting 14 percent of Democrats’-a far cry from 25%.

    2. And Re: “Bernie was not even a Democrat” – it is worth considering who, at this time in the election is doing more to help elect other Democrats statewide.Is it Dick Mazza or Bernie Sanders?

  3. Speaking of which, Bernie will be holding a rally tonight for Sue Minter and all the Franklin County Democratic candidates in the Bliss Ballroom of the Franklin County Museum in St. Albans. Doors open at 4:00 and Bernie speaks at 5:00PM.

    I was at Dem headquarters yesterday where we were phoning to inform/invite voters to the event, and you can imagine what a draw he is! The place will be packed-to-bursting, so get there early!

  4. “shows Scott is getting 14 percent of Democrats’-a far cry from 25%.”

    And those demos should be ashamed of themselves. If Scott wins because of them, We’ll be getting another trickle down governor with tax cuts for the wealthy while we lose our health insurance and pay more in taxes in percentage of our income.

  5. Extremely difficult in some regions to get elected unless a D or P. Quite a few incognitos here in VT claim to be one party but in actuality gaming the system & voters solely to push their party platform & agenda via stealth.

    Mazza & a few other “Dem” politicians — really closeted Rs — unsurprisingly form the Dems-for-Phil-Scott fanclub base, along with the many other Dems who support Scott. So all parties have their subversives.

    For example do not think D party should allow Zuck to run as D while listed as P/D, but perhaps had no choice. Fortunately Dem party kept a tight grip on the family jewels — access to voter database.

    Personally have soured on the left as they no longer champion the middle class, but have become out-of-touch elitists who do not care about us *at all*, we are seen as nothing but the great unwashed as they lie like a rug to get our votes.

    HRC spilled the beans & dirty-secret of party hatred *again* with yet another off-script freudian slip-up. We can now see all opposed to Dem agenda are merely a basket of deplorables unworthy of redemption who need to be trained like dogs & brought to heel. However imo represents ethos of the alt-left neoliberal fringe occupation of the party rather than old-school Dems.

    While maintaining the pretense via lip service sunder the guise of serving the people solely for our votes, in fact parasytically selling us out serve themselves & their corporate overlords who bankroll their careers.

    We need to shake up the establishment system of top-down stealth subjugation of every aspect of our lives, yank the rug out from under the comfy-cozy culture of career politicians by getting rid of them, reject the drunken-sailor spending & highway robbery of neverending taxation they stand for. Phil Scott represents change & hopefully the end of one-party grandiose delusional experiment which has turned us into experimental subjects, guiniea pigs & lab rats.

    Phil Scott Governor 2016 — Go Phil!

    1. Good one- Phil Scott represents change! You almost had me on that one!

      BTW I notice Bernie Sanders will be campaigning this week for Sue Minter all over Vermont after drawing huge crowds for Hillary.

      1. Woof woof woof! Bernie snagged for position as HRC campaign mascot, Poodle-in-Chief is brought to heel as all Clinton Machine royal subjects do after being chipped. Another one bites the dust — Resistance is Futile! Beware the “small twin engine planes” Bernie!

    2. “Good one- Phil Scott represents change! You almost had me on that one!”

      LOL…me too. Phil Scott will change us backwards by twenty years or more… as for experimentation, well, the world is changing now, and Vermont is going to have to change with it. Why not lead it?

      1. Spoken like a good slave! Now — hold your gaze & stare into the swinging rose-colored crystal pendulem, repeat after me…slowly… there is no I in herd… there is no… gooood…yes that’s it…

  6. LOLOLOL…spoken like a very good con artist and a slave to that who he/she purports to believe in. I’ve met many, many, many like this before and you seem to be one of them.

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