No discernible debate strategy? Not good Donald … sad!

Tonight mercifully, the final of the three presidential debates will be held between Republican Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton the Democratic candidate.

I don’t plan to watch it tonight but will catch up on it tomorrow. So figured I’d at least get a bit of a preview today of what might take place in Las Vegas.  And one of the angles All thing Considered’s (and Fox News) commenter Mara Liasson ponders is the following question:

What is Trump’s strategy? : That hasn’t been clear in the past couple of weeks. [or longer, one could argue] When you type “Is Trump trying” into the Google search bar, the first thing that comes up is “to lose.”

Here’s all of what came up for me on the Google search: is Trump trying …trumpstrategygoogled

I guess he’s got options, but at this point it seems none that are likely to help him win. Sad.

2 thoughts on “No discernible debate strategy? Not good Donald … sad!

    1. Trump is trying.
      Discernible strategy of not his behavior, either by design or by default will have an effect.

      And-they[Democrats and others] believe he’s preparing to “poison” a Clinton presidency by pushing the notion that the “election was stolen,” as part of a “Clinton delegitimization project.”

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