Howard Dean “twitters” and Sanders puts on his traveling shoes

Now just suppose that back at the most contentious part of the primary race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders someone had asked who might eventually be a more effective campaigner for Clinton: Howard Dean or Senator Bernie Sanders. Would anyone have said or guessed Sanders?

Well former Vermont Governor Dean tweeted the week away following a post-debate twitter comment insinuating that Donald Trump might have a cocaine problem. donaldcoke At first he seemed to double down on his remark, until on Friday in more tweets he backed off a bit. I’ve got to side with what David Axelrod tweeted about Dean’s tweet “I love it, but this is nuts”.

Meanwhile Bernie Sanders is preparing to hit the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton, hoping to draw large crowds in Iowa and Minnesota. togethercs

A spokesperson said: Sanders hopes to reach a broad audience, including young people, working families and people involved in the labor movement. […] his message: People need to get out and vote for Clinton because either she or Donald Trump will be president and the stakes are too high to vote for a third-party candidate.

“We’re going to go wherever Secretary Clinton’s people think that I am needed,” Sanders said on MSNBC. “And I am going to work as hard as I can to make sure that Donald Trump does not become the next president.”

So you have to wonder who is helping more to defeat Trump and elect Hillary, the former head of the DNC, Howard Dean or the “self-avowed socialist” Senator Sanders.

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