Monster slugs are devouring defenseless baby birds in nests

slug.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smartThat’s right, it is the month’s best (mostly) non-political headline!

It seems a certain type of slug has been found to be preying on young chicks of ground nesting birds in Europe. “The actual moment of slugs predating on nestlings isn’t easy to observe,” says Katarzyna Turzańska at the University of Wroclaw in Poland. “You are more likely to come across the traces of the ‘tragedy’: dead or alive nestlings with heavy injuries, covered in slime – and often slugs’ droppings found nearby.”

Scientists say this is an unusual but not unheard of behavior among slugs. Studies have recorded similar events before, and of course scientists observe that slugs do leave a slimy trail. “When a slug finds itself inside a nest – probably accidentally, or maybe by actively searching for this type of food – it just starts foraging on the living nestlings using its radula, or tongue covered in tiny teeth,” says Turzańska. “The nestlings are unable to defend themselves and are eaten alive.”Trumpslug

Luckily the resemblance Donald Trump’s hair and a slug-like caterpillar share was already made years ago, so it wasn’t toooo  big a stretch of the imagination to make a connection to this wildlife behavior. Notice that the tactics Trump used to take over and dominate the GOP presidential primary election are remarkably similar to those employed by the predatory slug for devouring ground-nesting chicks.

While in the GOP primary, accidentally, or maybe  actively searching them out, Trump was able to “devour” 16 rival Republican candidates. These were the GOP “nestlings” Christie, Rubio and all the others he defeated, who are now dead politically or alive  with heavy injuries – left covered in “slime.”

And if you need more evidence, look at the trail Donald Trump leaves behind – he is the alpha slug of the GOP.

2 thoughts on “Monster slugs are devouring defenseless baby birds in nests

  1. Yep ya can’t make this stuff up. The cartoonists have had a field-day — unfortunately for him — a walking caricature. Hair dye-job is comically similar to the above pic which sure does look like a hairpiece.

    Difficult color to maintain, however between colorings white shows thru so maybe not too bad. Earlier in life, was auburnish I think which creates the brassy undertones if not done professionally.

    From a cosmotology perspective, the combover just ruins him b/c it’s not a good cut to begin with necessitating the hat in windy weather. A rich dude wearing a hat like that looks phony but quite sure fan club doen’t care..

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