Rutland Herald & Times Argus SOLD!

Two struggling Vermont newspapers, the Rutland Herald and Times Argus, have been sold to a Maine-based publishing company. stoppressingThere had been reports that The Herald was having problems paying employees, causing some to stage a walk-out .

The Herald’s longtime editor, Alan Keays, was fired when he ran a story on the labor trouble in the paper.

Prior to that, in June, the publisher announced they would cut back from seven to three days a week in their print editions.

The new owners are “Maine-based entrepreneur Reade Brower and printing and marketing executive Chip Harris.” Harris has a local connection, having founded the Upper Valley Press Inc. in North Haverhill, NH.

And by all means take notice of the link to the article:

Check the last bit in it…someone at The Rutland Herald is maintaining a sense of humor.


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