Trump’s recent twitter insults compiled

It is the Wrath of Donald in 140 characters.

The New York Times compiled and has now updated a list of hundreds of people, places, and things Donald J. Trump has insulted on Twitter since he began his run for president. You have got to love the Times – they even thoughtfully highlighted the most recent of his insult tweets on the listing. trumpshoe

Trump’s rage knows no bounds, he even took an Oval Office presidential lectern to task on Twitter: “looks odd” …“not good.”  This problem with furniture must be a Republican thing. Who can forget Clint Eastwood’s historic interview with an empty chair on primetime TV at the 2012 GOP convention?

Few things are spared Donald’s limited-character wrath on Twitter. Those most recently insulted by the GOP presidential candidate include: Joe Biden, Cory Booker, the Democratic National Convention, hacked/leaked D.N.C. emails, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Tim Kaine, the system, Elizabeth Warren, the American delegate system, Trans-Pacific Partnership, Bill Clinton Democrats, The New York Times, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Megyn Kelly, Republican presidential candidates, the mainstream media, CNN, and Juan Williams.

For now, Trump has backed off the Oval Office lectern – but it was warned. Can you believe that some dare say Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit to be president!

One thought on “Trump’s recent twitter insults compiled

  1. Personally, I think the Republican “dream ticket” this year would have been Donald Trump and Clint Eastwood. All they would have needed to round out the new “Know Nothing Party” would have been Sarah Palin on percussion, as Secretary of State.

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