Trump’s GOP rules of order

At the GOP Convention hall last night Senator Ted Cruz gave a speech and failed to endorse Donald Trump, as he was hoped to do. Cruz was booed more lustily during his own speech than Hillary Clinton was during Mike Pence’s. From the floor,  just in front of the booing crowd, it felt anarchic, as if anything could happen.

cruztrumpThe ferocity of Trump’s followers’ reaction caused security guards to bundle Heidi Cruz offstage to safety

“People behind her were getting very ugly and physically approaching her and [Cruz’s father] Rafael,” he said. “It was not a pretty situation, and the decision was instantly made to not talk to media and get immediately out of the arena.”  Ken Cuccinelli, a former Virginia attorney general and a close Cruz confidant who was sitting with Heidi as her husband spoke, told reporters he saw Trump supporters accosting her.

Let’s review then: Monday night’s GOP Convention theme was Make America Safe, Tuesday’s underlying theme ( I think ) was “Lock up and/or Shoot Hillary Clinton” night. And Wednesday’s theme seems to have been “Let’s Throw Ted Cruz’s Wife from the Stage.”

What on earth could the Trumpsters do for Donald’s  finale tonight, no doubt played out to the theme from Rocky ?

3 thoughts on “Trump’s GOP rules of order

  1. Maybe Trump could arrive in an elevator dressed in full drag, ala Rocky Horror Picture Show?

    That was an interesting spectacle last night. Wasn’t Cruz the darling of the Tea Party set?
    I know that some of ’em flocked to Trump like flies to feces, but is it possible that little demonstration might be the birth pangs of a third party, once Trump’s bullshit finally flames out.

  2. Entire campaign season going back a year & inching its way to now has been surreal. Never seen anything like it historically speaking. Full of Alice in Wonderland weird. Majority of both parties don’t want the nom — how the hell did that happen anyway.

    Actually Sue sure does sound like ya might be right about Cruz. Although the Tea already *is* a party sort of, isn’t it like maybe a righter-wing of the rightwing but could become official?

    Although Mitt has encouraged voters to vote Libertarian this time, would like to see the disgruntled conservatives join libertarians permanently. And disgruntled left for that matter, they got something for everyone.

    Shillary & Drumpf both have extremely & *historically* high unfavorables. With so many on both sides really unhappy, myself included with a big enough bankroll & media messaging this could be their year.

  3. Rocky indeed — seen them all my faves. Would not surprise me in the least. Good takeaway BP! At least this time he can’t bark get-em out, get-em out with sunglassed Secret Service & SWAT roving the crowd looking for trouble — yet! Remember half-asleep fuzzy fog & hearing the booing & saw Cruz looking unaffected but didn’t catch full import of the drama at that time. Have been watching CNN as Fox has really manipulated all convention drama to Trumps’ favor & advantage which *was* fairly unheard of once upon a time.

    Hoping everyone is getting this memo. Does not portend well & taken together with other telling incidents skywriting seems to spell out ‘turn back Dorothy’.

    Eyebrow-raising that Ivankas’ Rabbi refused to give a speech, hmm.

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