Bernie Sanders and the super-duper email list

After all the  hard-fought campaigning in the Democratic presidential primary, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders came together and held a unity rally in New Hampshire under the banner, “Stronger Together.” Said Sanders by way of conceding: “She will be the Democratic nominee for president, and I intend to do everything I can to make certain that she will be the next president of the United States.”

Understandably there were awkward moments, but Bernie ended his remarks unequivocally by saying: “Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding President, and I am proud to stand with her today.”

His endorsement was accompanied with word that Sanders had a large (yuuge?) influence on the Democratic Party platform. Unity amendments on a $15.00 minimum wage, higher education funding, and improvements in Social Security were included, thanks to Bernie. Writing in The Nation, one Sanders representative who worked on the platform committee said they delivered “the most progressive platform in Democratic Party platform history.” Note to self: go back and read FDR’s Democratic Party platforms.

BGTLAUONITParty platform, hugs and kisses not withstanding, Bernie is reported to be holding on to his email list of donors — all the information that helped him raise more than $222 million in small donations.

And wow, has there ever, ever been such a list? The Sanders email data is being called “perhaps the most coveted and valuable catalog of potential voters and donors in the Democratic Party at the moment.”  There were reports in April that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s office and Sanders were talking about how best to utilize the fabled “list.” And speculation certainly continues that the Democratic Party (who shared their party data with the Sanders campaign)and Clinton campaign would be happy to have access if Sanders decides to share his email data.

However, not everyone likes the idea of sharing data lists with his former rival. “Young people have been very clear that they don’t want their information handed over and it’s not going to be,” RoseAnn DeMoro, the executive director of the Sanders-supporting group National Nurses United, told BuzzFeed last month. “Sanders could surprise me, but I don’t think so.” Sanders has not made clear his plans for his fundraising donor data, although he is talking about starting an organization to help fund progressive candidates around the country.

It’s hard to imagine Bernie, a veteran politician, never playing his “most coveted” donor data to advantage for his causes — but share it, I guess not so much.

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  1. It should also be noted that those hyped reports of Bernie’s influence on the Democratic Party’s platform are all coming from the Sanders campaign — or from lazy newscasters quoting the campaign operatives.

    And, by claiming all that credit for himself and disregarding all other issues in the platform, Bernie and his followers are dissing — disrespecting, disregarding, dismissing, disappearing — all the liberal and progressive Democrats who’ve worked on those issues.

    What a great guy.

    How soon can we get the Bernie for Senate 2018 bumperstickers?

  2. Bernies’ name would be mudpie with followers & support would collapse if he handed info over to arguably most corrupt political machine in our lifetime — the Clintons — or also corrupt DNC putting all eggs in Clinton basket, including mismanagement of sellout Wasserman-Shultz paving the way for coronation as former HRC campaign manager, apparently still on payroll.

    And Clintons billing selves as bogo twofer not completely accurate. Really just shadow each other at every crime-scene with built-in ass-cover & fingerprint-wiping. So in actuality aka ‘accomplices’.

    Same youth that adore Bernie & most of all, dedication to unchanging message, for the most part despise HRC for good reason. Imagine being a young woman scolded by aging gender-politicians, ex-royalty of bygone era now for the most part passe, accused of putting boycrazy before responsibility to invisible “sisterhood” their allegiance is owed to.

    That HRC could be so clueless as to dispatch that message to shore up plummeting numbers on campaign trail & then adding Bill to same mashup shows how desperate, unpopular, widely disliked she really is, not just by youth & most of all tone deafness. Compare to selfies with Bernie & excited adoration of females young enough to be grandaughter.

    Suspect Bernie youth not necessarily political junkies but care for the issues involving themselves just as we did at their age & still do, added bonus is Bernies inclusive inspiration style.

    Compare to highly scripted HRC nonchalant strutting on stage with mike in hand & gaffes even using teleprompter, boring lectures are resume recitation of qualifications, interspersed with falsehoods. Added nonstop-scowling & trademark angry sidewise glances following each invocation of political enemies & still robotic enuciations doesn’t help message at all nor present an enduring positive message.

    Clinton brand & stamp of approval is for sale to the highest bidder — quite literally. Occupy Wall Streeters — older counterparts — also Bernie supporters are not going to vote for a corporately-backed entity or someone who’s between the sheets with the enemy – Wall St!

    So, embody the evils of our society, Monsanto, Pharma etc etc, corporate overlords of reichocracy whose sole purpose is ruination of our lives for profit & some of us have come to see as the enemy of much of what we believe & priorities.

    To that end possibly could be considered a coalition member tho do not personally support a Bernie WH, but my puppy is that would much rather have Bernie than Shillary if it comes down to that b/c we cannot know how this will all shake down.

    1. You know the thing is Sanders may be legally bound to share data

      Fast Company is reporting that deep down in court documents agreed to after Bernie sued the DNC (to continue his access to their data )earlier this year, there were arrangements made that require Sanders campaign to share his data when he drops out of the primary.
      The existence of this arrangement may explain why Bernie keeps sorta kinda saying he’s still in the race even though he conceded to Hillary.

      1. “Sanders may be legally bound to share data”

        Might be the opposite – and probably is.

        In some cases it is either illegal, or a privacy violation of the person who gave their email address, for the candidate to give/sell/transfer the person’s email address to another corporation/campaign/candidate etc.

        Many candidates, who lost primaries for instance(Bernie), will use their lists to send emails on behalf of the primary winner (Hillary) seeking support for the other candidate. These emails will often ask the person to log on to the other candidate’s website and subscribe to the other candidate’s email.

        Individual candidates can be raked over the coals for giving away people’s private information and Bernie will need to be careful how he goes about using his email lists.

  3. Great point & perhaps the why for this particular angle of continuing story. Legally bound but may in fact hurt the Clintons’ bid. The progressive politically astute college-age of youth support knows all about the Clintons, are unfooled & likely unfoolable.

    HRC now has landslide unfavorable number,
    dropping after FBI pronouncement countering all of the lies & unending bullshit she’s been feeding everyone with.
    Plus veil was lifted & curtains parted so now everyone can see how carelessly corrupt HRC really is & behaves when she thinks no one is looking.

    Neither frontrunner doing very well:

    Ride may be coming to an end. Looks like the public growing weary of Clinton claim-to-fame of supposed victimization per the “vast rightwing conspiracy” they’ve cultivated & always blamed for what’s at the bottom of their eerily pathological behavior.

    Sharp-elbowing their way through life, blowing off & buying off those who are in the way of every crime they commit. If they can’t personally believe they’re offed as in the more recent ‘passing’, another freak ‘accident’ (throat accidentally crushed while…exercizing hmm) of an individual set to give courtroom testimony in yet *another* new corruption scandal tangenting the Clintons so their bodycount of thirtyish just went up another one:

    Former security detail members’ book ain’t gonna help but first-hand account is simply the legendary stuff all Clinton-watchers are very familiar with:

    Inability to relate to ‘real ppl’, coming off routinely as royalty who simply cannot lower themselves to associate with the likes of we the electorate & personally believe they’re closet racists as in “bring them to heel”, ya mean like animals & dogs Shillary…plus their treatment of black protesters etc etc.

    Additionally infamous patronization a buzzkill, as in claiming to know how the poverty stricken & struggling middle class feel b/c they were flat-ass broke upon leaving WH ???

  4. *If this double-posts pls delete one-thx.
    And, another one bites the dust:
    Hmm…what a strange coincidence

    A Berned-one speaks:
    “In endorsing Clinton, Sanders may be hoping he can transfer his backers to Clinton—like a corporation that has grabbed as much market share from a rival company as possible before merging with it when the wealthier one offers a buyout … But voters are not market share. And both Sanders and Clinton may be surprised if the specter of a Trump presidency is not enough to scare all left-of-center voters into picking Clinton.”

    Bernie gold!
    Case in point-why personally believe there is little incentive for youth to get out & vote for the Clintons-example of the *why* behind disapproval amongst activist youth. This is the level of reality all *conscious* supporters face:

    1. Well, thanks stardust…that linked to article includes speculative nonsense that HRC may be involved in a murder … I hadn’t realized Hillary had been implicated in a recent DC murder. Probably should say her second alleged murder!
      This time it was, they say, perhaps to cover for Debbie Wasserman Schultz or some nonsense. Who the heck is Clinton, Keyser Soze?
      Originally at your link to Heat (Murdoch website) helpfully cautioned this is a “controversial theory” today it reads “there is no evidence to substantiate this theory”.
      So, a good thing Sanders has chosen not to share his voter info list with DNC-it could have fall into the hands of murderers! Do you suppose Bernie should rethink his endorsement of Clinton in light of this new unsubstantiated foolishness? Or might Bernie simply say to Hillary: “…people are sick of hearing about your damn murders!”

      1. I’ll never understand why people feel the need to foist a murder or two on the Clintons when there are plenty of *actually awful* things they have *demonstrably* done. (Seriously, just look at her foreign policy record.)

        As for the e-mail list, I hope Bernie Sanders does not give it away, because no amount of e-mails from the DNC will convince young supporters to back HRC or any other blue candidate absent an equally progressive platform. It was the politics that brought young people to Sanders for the most part, not the other way around.

  5. Have a feeling Bernie may bolt. Heard a news report with my husband about Wikileaks & DNC-leaked oppo strategy re Bernie:

    Disgraceful antics of entire party now this. There is no such thing as a promise in politics. It’s well known anything said can be unsaid (I “misspoke”) done can be undone (Read my lips). And of course who can forget our very own shmuckness Peter “Word is Bond” Shumlin who lies like a rug with pathological ease. Waiting for the next shoe-drop & *his* damning emails.

    Carefully worded concession & jovial acceptence seem to mask cat-swallowed-canary coyness. After tossing Bernie overboard rides off into sunset of supposed rightful place in succession to throne & would-be coronation.

    Case could be made that supporters are urging him to run Indy & cannot let down inspired orphaned youth with no one to vote for therefore disenfranchising a generation & millions now annexed from the democratic process. And not just youth-HRC is simply untenable to alert, thinking voters regardless of age.

    Hillary barely an option for party stalwarts, fabvorables reflect only the card-carriers support & for majority of voters not an option tho Trumps negatives are also high. And, the fact that DNC & head honchess opposed his run from jumpstreet, never gave him or *anyone else* a fair shake but like monarchies & dictatorships undemocratically chose the winner before horserace began & in fact conspired against Bernies’ campaign.

    There are now class actions & court cases re voter/election fraud, case could be made election a sham & mere tin-pot rigging.

    Because the reality is we can now see that Bernie played by the rules & never went after HRC with both or even one barrel but barely a slingshot & more like spitballs. And, she & DNC, never breaking stride, seized the victory a wee bit prematurely.

    Another reality — can now be clearly seen had he gone Indy he would have turned her into messy pulp of finely chopped sirloin with mere facts “on issues” alone w/o even delving into the well-known oppo. That is how flawed & weak a candidate HRC is.

    Would now be a puppy chew-toy tossed between Cheeto-boy & Bernie.

  6. Thursday, July 28, 2016
    Bernie delegates want you to see this DNC scheme to silence them:
    The Democratic National Convention is going out of its way to silence Bernie Sanders delegates who have become a thorn in the side of party leadership.
    The video:
    More dirty tricks & routine silencing harbinger of things to come if HRC makes it? Personally don’t think she will. Two neighbors are retired professionals & lifetime Democrats. They are appalled at HRC litany of antics & legacy of lies & cannot not vote for her but unsure of what to do but Cheeto-man not an option.

    “A friend and advisor to Bill Clinton during his time as Governor of Arkansas, Dick Morris became a political adviser to the White House after Clinton was elected president in 1992 and was Bill’s campaign manager for his re-election run in 1996.”

    Although everyone now knows Dick Morris is an avid Clinton-hater, the *why* is the overarching issue imo plus he’s got alot of company. Critique of Bills fallacious claims in speech simply more of the same truth-twisting pretzel-logic Clintons are so skilled at:
    Video: Clinton insider: Bill lied in DNC speech

  7. Trick question? just kidding. Haven’t investigated yet but I *did* watch as much as I could take which was nearly all interspersed with some zzzs, or checked on the highlights at earliest convenience.

    Recollection was that she bashed the Bernie supporters?

  8. Looks like the Springfield blog is Bernie central — struck me as odd since hyperlocal website is conservative-ish libertarian-leaning — but really going to bat for Bernie.
    Monday, August 1, 2016
    Election watchdog group says fraud cost Sanders 184 delegates

    “Adding these delegates to Senator Sanders’ pledged delegate total and subtracting the same number from Hillary Clinton’s total would more than erase the 359 pledged delegate gap between the two candidates,” the just released report states.
    Brief summary:
    Full 99 page report here

  9. Stanford University Confirms Democratic Election Fraud – Bernie Would Have Won !
    Aug 5, 201635,828 views

    A bombshell study released by Stanford University confirms evidence of election fraud during the 2016 Democratic Party primaries.

    Bernie won? Soo, election stolen by DNC? If so, & as the mounting evidence indicates, how can we know this will not happen in the general?

    Most importantly — do we care if leaders are simply installed upon failure to meet the standard of democratic process by winning the majority vote?

    1. I think even Bernie might say: “give it a rest”

      The expert whose numbers were utilized for the paper wasn’t expressly cited by name, but his moniker appeared on the linked spreadsheet: Richard Charnin. Charnin indeed lists some impressive statistical credentials on his personal blog, but he also appears to expend much of his focus on conspiracy theories related to the JFK assassination (which raises the question of whether his math skills outstrip his ability to apply skeptical reasoning to data).

  10. Flawed source alert: Returning b/c just noticed one of the links appears to be a white supremicist publication “Vanguard”.

    I get it & have attempted to initially scan stories for accuracy (must say not very good at it) but there are several overlapping points here — and Stanford unlikely to put its name on a conspiracy theory — however there are always those within all forms of information peddling that filter data through own biasis.

    Bernies’ hands tied although doesn’t seem possible does it. Now knows exactly what he’s up against — powerful forces that he doesn’t have the support or wherewithal to oppose.

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