Somebody, please neuter Bill Clinton

As a baby, was Bill Clinton dropped on his head?

No one has contributed more to Hillary Clinton’s credibility problems than ol’ Blue Eyes, himself. Unbelievably, with  his impromptu drop-in to the Attorney General’s plane, he’s done it again…big time!

It’s almost as if he does it on purpose.

It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that it was Bill’s bright idea to have a private email server!

I’ve never quite seen what some people like about this corn-fed romeo, but nobody thinks more highly of Bill than he obviously does of himself.

If I’d have been Hillary, I’d have left him facedown in the dirt many years ago.

She was obviously so much smarter than he, even as he occupied the Oval Office. Perhaps it was the subliminal knowledge of her fundamental superiority that egged him on to act out passive-aggressively in riskier ways.

Many would argue that his choices of where and with whom to misbehave on the most famous occasions were expressing a subconscious desire to get caught.

Should the worst come to pass and ‘Il Dumbi‘ beats Hillary in the General, everyone will undoubtedly blame Bernie.

They will be wrong to do so for several reasons, not least of which is the contribution to Hillary’s problems that Bill Clinton has made, not just every time he opened his mouth in this election cycle, but over the years of his administration and beyond.  He seems to have done his level-best to handicap any future ambitions of his long-suffering wife by acting on a mixture of impulse and arrogance that is not entirely unreminiscent of You-Know-Who.

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3 thoughts on “Somebody, please neuter Bill Clinton

  1. This latest act of impulse and bad judgement is so outlandish that it is difficult to completely eliminate the possibility that the former president may be suffering from the early stages of dementia.

    As many times as he has made inappropriate remarks on the campaign trail causing controversy, and as aware as he must be of the challenges to her integrity that his wife is facing, he still pulls something like this!

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