US House Republican leadership: Democrats’ sit-in supports terrorism!

“I… I don’t know exactly how to put this, sir, but are you aware of what a serious breach of security that would be? I mean, he’ll see everything, he’ll… he’ll see the Big Board!” General “Buck” Turgidson

Speaker Paul Ryan got on a local talk radio program from his home state and vented about how horrible the Democrats were for staging a sit-in on the House floor to force a vote on gun control measures. Vermont Congressman Peter Welch and Senators Leahy and Sanders joined in the demonstration that took place last week. Cllh0V2XIAUg6yh

Speaker Ryan, perhaps embarrassed by losing control of the situation on his House floor called the action  a “a low moment for the people’s House,”  He threatened Republicans “will not tolerate” it if Democrats launch another sit-in on the House floor after the Fourth of July recess to force a vote on gun control.

Republican grumblings include calling for a vote to censure Democrats that took part in the sit-in. The explains the Republican’s argument:

…photographing and filming from all angles on the floor jeopardizes national security and the lives of members of Congress. Terrorists could study the images to help them prepare for a possible attack on the Capitol.  fullhouse

“There are safety and national security reasons that that is the rule,” said a lawmaker close to leadership. “And it is extraordinary that they ignored it.” 

One thought on “US House Republican leadership: Democrats’ sit-in supports terrorism!

  1. I like the ‘Strangelove’ analogy.

    I think we can all imagine Donald Trump as the lethally uncontrollable hand of the Republican Party.

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