Norm McAllister assaults the system…and gets away with it…again.

So, accused rapist/sex trafficker Norm McAllister will remain on the Republican primary ballot for senator even though his petition has been found to be deficient.  I hear fellow Republican candidate Carolyn Branagan’s cry of indignation and I share it!

Mr McAllister must be some sort of human detector for weaknesses in Vermont’s judiciary and legislative systems.

So far, he has succeeded in exploiting no less than five significant failures, and he hasn’t even come to trial yet to face accusations made by two more women.

1) The lack of meaningful protections for the vulnerable in the private workplace.

2) An apparent culture of “don’t ask; don’t tell” in the statehouse, where the extreme youth
of Mr. McAllister’s omnipresent ‘intern’ should have raised concerns and led to timely interventions.

3) The lack of a meaningful ethics policy governing legislators.

4) The lack of adequate provision in court for the PTSD disability common to victims of sexual abuse.

5) The lack of effective vetting practices to validate candidate petitions.

I’m sure there are more, but these spring most quickly to mind. Do not look for a grasp of reality anytime soon from this man because both Franklin County and the state of Vermont have yet to demonstrate any ability to bring his arrogance and his appetites to heel.

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2 thoughts on “Norm McAllister assaults the system…and gets away with it…again.

  1. Significant failure #3 Socrates ,Jesus and Norm

    Under # 3 I’d add that a sizable number of his colleagues (9) voted against the move suspending him from the State Senate: Sens. Brian Collamore (R-Rutland), Peg Flory (R-Rutland), Mark MacDonald (D-Orange), Dick Mazza (D-Grand Isle), Dick McCormack (D-Windsor), Kevin Mullin (R-Rutland), Alice Nitka (D-Windsor), Bobby Starr (D-Essex/Orleans) and Jeanette White (D-Windham).

    Sen. McCormack at the time said:“Adjudication is not supposed to be democratic,” he said. “Jesus was put to death by the will of the majority. Socrates was put to death by the will of the majority.”

    Now with that in mind what on earth could have given him the idea there was not weakness to exploit?

  2. Jesus Christ gets dragged into another one — Socrates adds a little sage for more high-minded nuttiness? McCormack out to lunch on that one.

    Truly amazed at how ‘loyal’ his lapdogs, er fellow colleagues are esp the ones with attestations to investigating the ‘truth’-women even. They share the blame for giving another bottle of booze to No-12step Norm. Twisted pretzel-logic breathtaking to behold.

    Buuut, we don’t, ahem, need any ethics rules or oversight…Shumlin himself says “Here in VT our word is bond”. Uh huh.

    Like two clueless parents & their spoiled bratty kid making life miserable for everyone else but son never does anything wrong — no sirree — Hector says he’s innocent & we believe him.

    And we can’t let the press tell us how to do our ‘job’ either.

    Must admit to Good Ol Norm-fatigue. I just can’t watch anymore trainwrecks here in VT. Someone needs to awaken the operator at the switch.

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