Matt Dunne picks up key endorsements

As Bernie’s campaign considers the way forward, our Vermont contests are just getting interesting.

Democratic candidate for governor, Matt Dunne has announced two huge endorsements from organized labor that should significantly bolster his campaign.  Both the Vermont Labor Council of the AFL-CIO and the Vermont Service Employee’s Association VSEA have come out for Dunne.

Dunne was a strong contender in the 2010 election cycle that ultimately delivered the governorship to Peter Shumin. I remember his enthusiastic young canvassers from that race, and was delighted to see them out in force this time, as well.  I had a very pleasant visit from two of his youthful squad a couple of days ago, the first canvassers to come to my door this year.

Sunday’s forum in St. Albans at St. Paul’s Methodist Church will be my first opportunity to hear from all of the Democratic candidates…and Bruce Lisman…on one stage and I am really looking forward to the experience.

It’s unusual to have a forum including members of both parties during the primary, but I am most eager to hear Lisman’s response to the inevitable question as to whether or not he will be a Donald Trump supporter.

I suppose, since Lisman played coy about his political affiliation for a number of years after launching “Campaign for Vermont,” he thinks maybe he still has a chance to pick up some votes from the Blue Dogs in Franklin County.

With Matt Dunne, Sue Minter and Peter Galbraith to contend with, all strong policy veterans with progressive chops, Lisman will have his work cut out for him just to look relevant. He may have cut a figure on Wall Street, but in Vermont, he’s just a carpetbagger without the good sense to try putting in some lesser public service before reaching for the governor’s mansion.

In any case, it should be an interesting evening.

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