Gubernatorial Candidates’ Forum Sunday

Thank you to Paula Schramm who provided the following information for anyone who would like to attend a Gubernatorial Candidates Panel in Franklin County:

St. Albans Gubernatorial Candidates Panel – Sunday June 12th

When: Sunday June 12th 2:00-4:00pm
Where: St. Paul’s United Methodist Church (11 Church St. St Albans, VT)
Featuring: Matt Dunne, Sue Minter, Peter Galbraith, Bruce Lisman

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or on Facebook at –
Pose questions for the candidates at

The next Governor of Vermont will have to make critical decisions that will shape the lives of our communities for decades. Our next governor could be the leader who will help grow a vibrant, stable, open Vermont for all families. Who are the people who want to take on this role? Where do they stand on the issues that will most affect our lives and families in Franklin County? We have invited all current candidates and have confirmations already from Matt Dunne, Sue Minter, Peter Galbraith and Bruce Lisman. Join us and spread the word!

The Candidates Panel is hosted by Rights & Democracy, a new statewide grassroots organization geared to bring people together to take action to build healthy communities and make the values of our communities guide the policies of our government. We work in partnership with community groups, progressive unions, faith communities, organizations fighting for human and civil rights, and environmental and climate action groups. Co-sponsors include Main Street Alliance, Voices for Vermont’s Children, and the Vermont Center for Independent Living.

Interesting, isn’t it that notably absent from he lineup is Phil Scott, who apparently prefers to keep his head down and hope no one notices.

Skipping such events suggests a certain entitlement on the part of Scott, which national voters in this election cycle do not seem to find at all attractive.

If Franklin County voters get the impression that Scott thinks the Republican nomination is in-the-bag for him, they just might not show up at the ballot boxes.

‘Just sayin’…


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3 thoughts on “Gubernatorial Candidates’ Forum Sunday

  1. Scott has attended neutralish friendly public events designed to inform a wide range of viewpoints for the voting public attended by political candidates from each party sponsored by news & media. And I’m sure he would do so in a heartbeat.

    He’s no different than any other candidate, has no reason to attend a gathering attended primarily by opposing party members and a partisan-sponsored event funded by a PAC or political nonprofit.

    Neither side of political divide does this except for Lisman b/c numbers are in single digits, have nothing so nothing to lose. What can be gained when next to no ones’ mind will be changed if already involved with opposing party. Very few if any — right or left — will sign on to a venue hosted by their opponents. So why should Scott be held to this double standard rather than wait for an event which showcases all candidates accomplishments & their differences for public scrutiny? Doubtful that this gives Lisman an edge.

  2. I wonder- is Lisman still listening to Trump as he was in May and undecided about supporting the Republican nominee ?
    He may have already made up his mind but last I heard Bruce Lisman was going to “ listen to what he had to say” and “carefully” evaluate it .
    Has Lisman heard enough of Trump’s racism yet?

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