Trump the id

Donald Trump’s got a simple strategy for capturing the hearts and minds of the 2016 Republican party : follow the id , a set of uncoordinated instinctual trends.

Monsters of the id

They’re sprouting through the cracks
They’re making room for more
They’re deputizing maniacs

[Stan Ridgeway sings Mose Allison’s Monsters of the id]

Yeah, okay over the top dramatic, but what the heck it is a great tune.

3 thoughts on “Trump the id

  1. Clearly egomaniacal. Whole run–hey whole life–completely illusory from what can be gathered as with all sociopathic narcissists. Visible image all they care about is as the origin of the disorder. Drumph taste in wealth is overdone, gaudy & showy has appearance of faux-opulence, a glittering facade constructed with sprayed-on veneer of thin gold plating in the style of of tin-pot dictators like Marcos et al.

    It’s in the blood. Immigrant father hid German ancestry changing name from Drumph to Trump. Mentored by Roy Cohn (eek!) very telling as it’s been said he was a homophobic homosexual & antisemitic Jew.

    Does not have enough cash to meet entry-level ante of $1 billion to get in the door–self-funded my ass. Sheldon Adelson to the rescue! Story from a woman who dated young Trump *once* speaks volumes: Had no cash, restaurant wouldn’t take card or some weird thing, she pays, says he’ll pay her back, never did. Hah! This is par for his course always pulling a fast on just for drill. Criminals & con artists at all levels have same inherent trait.

    Anyone who has known intimately or married to complete phonies & pathological liars can easily see through this con-game & clearly note similarities reading Donald Drumpf like a roadmap as we’ve seen this movie many times before.

    Those privy to knowledge of him peg fortune in the low hundreds of millions. Self-claim of “Trump” name worth $3 billion–only a delusional dummy could make that claim since all of his Trump-branded product enterprises shit the bed. And at least one or more countries have demanded he remove name from visibility of holding(s).

    Monopoly-board of holdings without corresponding liquidity is not real wealth as he could well be a self-funded Ponzi scheme merely beholden to banks. Without knowing how much his wealth is leveraged worth an unknown.

    Didn’t give veterans all the money he raised either. Tax returns would sink his campaign or beholden him to powerful party operatives. A braggart like Drumph would relish opportunity to show the world wealth & power. He has none or is including credit lines, some of which would vanish upon leveraging of other said credit lines.

    Master manipulator sometimes seems surprised at the subservience of the boot-lickers falling all over themselves to jump on his train blind to the complete fools he is making of them. Breathtaking.

  2. NR Rich Lowry stole your story — sort of. He just rearranged the words:

    Donald Trump, the GOP Id
    He may not be a real conservative, but Donald Trump is a conservative dream candidate.
    By Rich Lowry
    June 01, 2016

    “Conservative dream candidate”…really? Not suspects anymore but admitted to the crime(s) of *thinking* they’d like to do what Trump is foolhardy enough to actually do, like a jeering grade-school bully “I don’t like you – you’re ugly & stupid”.

    Although some are having buyers remorse to think this oaf could be rallied around with overjoyed giddiness and praised for foul-mouthed verbal assaults on everyone but mostly white men, praised with borderline worship and embraced as party standard-bearer, disturbing.

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