Trump struts upon stage and the GOP frets

The Republicans are still digesting the news of Donald J. Trump’s latest primary wins. And for now they seem to be in disarray — and it’s ugly. How ugly is it? Well, former Speaker of the House John Boehner (R, Orangeland) must be smelling sulphur, as he thinks fellow Republican  candidate Senator Ted Cruz  is the devil in red or “Lucifer in the flesh”  as he claims.

On a less metaphysical level, a recent Roll Call’s Capitol Insiders Survey shows rising Republican pessimism about election prospects:

A majority of the GOP staffers who responded to the April survey now expect either Donald Trump or Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to win the party’s nomination and nearly half of them —  a solid plurality —  think the Republican nominee will lose.trumpdigest

And with Trump likely the one at the top of the ticket, fears that the GOP will suffer losses in Senate races and that their majority in the House may shrink are growing rapidly.

GOP fretting about the Senate majority has grown throughout the year. When CQ Roll Call asked aides in January, only 28 percent of Republican respondents were worried. That rose to 45 percent in March, and now it’s nearly half. By contrast, this month only 37 percent of the Republicans said they expected their side to maintain control.

Any hopes that incumbent Congressional Republicans have for passing major legislation to aid their coming campaigns before the election are apparently slim.

They [congressional staff] gave the best shot to pending legislation that would revamp criminal sentencing rules. And even on that they are not hopeful. Only a quarter of the aides said they expected Congress to act. That compares to nearly 4 in 10 when CQ Roll Call asked about the issue in December.

Now, as Trump struts on stage and the GOP frets, it could it spell tragedy not comedy on a dramatic scale. You know, err… with the GOP lead by a poor player, an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

8 thoughts on “Trump struts upon stage and the GOP frets

  1. Wild in Cali at Trump rally-protesters yelling “Gettim Out”-hilarious!

    Surely left is gloating at a Trump run but I for one will not go peacefully. This image scared the bejezus out of me & should everyone:

    Never thought I’d be rooting for Cruz but fear & desperation does the darndest things, now looks like the second-coming by comparison. Boehner must have had a case of the DTs, looked at his shoulder & saw Cruz in the red suit-Cruz claims he’s spoken no more than 50 words to the man so kinda funny.

    Rightwing media primarily Fox have mounted a monumental effort to install this Hitleresque dictator–‘other’ says first move as potus will be to invade someone-he was around during WWII and though very small, the further back one goes the younger folks were when involved with politics & remember much more.

    FBN is on the payroll also-sickening. Most of the women except Bartaroma are on board. Shep hasn’t done any shilling, Cavuto not between the sheets *yet* there’s other holdouts but largely most have fallen.

    All are snickering at & defending the bad behavior. Changed subject and mostly silent re Trumps’ disastrous epic fail agreed upon by all conservatives re foray into Foreign Policy–except Fox *I think*.

    They support what sells & who the moneyed interests of the top brass-Murdoch & Ailes tell them to, and do as they’re told, the women don fuck-me-pumps & take turns flashing cleavage-what fun. Have a funny feeling Trump slid a hefty ‘donation’ under the Fox/FBN table-it’s quite clear who has been payola-ized by their warm & fuzzy treatment.

    Don’t consider Fox representative of the GOP or they would not be shilling for Trump-he’s not at all principled or even a conservative-NR leading the opposition while rest of media seemingly have sold their souls.

    Breitbart & Drudge shit the bed long ago-look what they did when Lewandowski muckled onto one of their own-a *female* reporter no less-a few females on Fox & FBN blamed her-in couched terms of course.Money spoke loudly it said ‘shut up biatch’.

    Much of GOP is seemingly none of it so somewhat impressed and a bit relieved despite Trumps’ bragging that he’s getting calls from Rs in congress and powerful ppl-I call BS on that. It’s all smoke & mirror illusory bullshit-artistry presented with an air of inevitability like it’s already settled-it’s not. And, despite the sweep-fanfare–wins were expected Cruz was not expected to do well in east but the friendlier skies in the west is where he flies better.

    1. Yup,I’ll be glad when there is no chance at all that Trump(or Kasich and Cruz for that matter)will get anywhere near the White House as President.

  2. I don’t generally think of Trump in Shakespearean terms, but since his poisonous rhetoric has finally reached the atmosphere, spreading localized violence and global anxiety, I suppose we have to consider 2016 a ‘tragedy’ worthy of the Bard.

    Trump is the boor your cousin marries, forcing everyone in the family to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner and endure his appallingly random views on everything from batshit conspiracy theories to his imagined sexual prowess.

    Somehow, this classic Ugly American has capitalized on the paralytic dysfunction of the Republican Party and people’s worst instinct to blame an “other” for their troubles, to sprint to the top of a fetid heap.

    We can only hope that, like the Sarah Palin phenomena of 2008, this one hasn’t the legs to carry it forward in the general election.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, Jennifer. Sounds like the plans are for a monstrous shift in land use! One would think Act 250 would prohibit such a massive conversion of use.

    I’d be curious to know what the zoning/planning/ develop review boards for the affected communities are thinking.

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