Zuckerman Claims Key Endorsement

With the New York primary, we’ve just had an object lesson in the fallibility of the national “two party system.”

What better time to celebrate the candidacy for lieutenant governor of perennial Progressive (that’s, with a large ‘P’) Senator David Zuckerman of Chittenden County, who is running as a Democrat in the primary?

And celebrate we should, since Mr. Zuckerman has just received the notable endorsement of former Lieutenant Governor Doug Racine. While a respected Democrat throughout his years in office, Racine was enthusiastically endorsed by Vermont’s Progressive Party in his own primary run against Peter Shumlin (and three others) for Governor in 2010.

Senator Zuckerman gained the endorsement of Brandon Riker, who was himself a candidate, when Mr. Riker announced his departure from the race in March.  A successful sustainable farmer, Zuckerman has also been endorsed by environmental advocate Bill McKibben.

Now, only Senator Zuckerman and Rep. Keisha Ram, also of Burlington, remain to compete for the Democratic nomination.

Boots Wardinski (P) is also running for Lt. Governor, but under the Progressive banner.

The ironic lesson in civics from the national primary race has a faint echo here in Vermont.

Senator Zudkerman has a good chance of winning the general election against Republican Randy Brock, who has already tried and failed to defend his seat as Auditor of Accounts in 2006 and lost the governor’s race in 2012. However, Zukerman shrewdly grasped that, in order to not suffer attacks for being a ‘spoiler,’ he must necessarily compete as a Democrat.

I well understand that decision because I am a big ‘P’ Progressive who counts herself lucky to be given any choice at all in the primary. I’m supporting Dave Zuckerman, not because of his party affiliation, but simply because I believe he is the best choice to defeat Randy Brock and bring some substance to the office of Lieutenant Governor that has too long been little more than a convenient staging area for Republicans contemplating a run for the roses.

Unlike current Lt. Governor Phil Scott (R), who used his opportunity as a Senate tie-breaker to kill a bill that would have protected Vermont children from toxins, we can trust David Zuckerman to put community health and the environment before corporate interests.

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7 thoughts on “Zuckerman Claims Key Endorsement

      1. Not trying to get hypercritical here- but Zuckerman is spelled at least 3 different ways…no I don’t want a refund ;D

  1. Do we really want a Lt. Governor who believes he has the right to decide who, what, and where someone can speak? I loath Donald Trump, but for a Vermont State Senator to go on television and declare who can and cannot use the First Amendment Right of Free Speech is deplorable. Vermont prides itself with it’s tradition open dialog among those we disagree with. We might not like what is being said, but we have that right to say it. Senator Zuckerman played right into Trump’s media circus and helped cast a very disparaging image of the people of Vermont. Senator Zuckerman is far from being Lt. Governor material.

    1. Weak T, Big “D.”

      Senator Zuckerman was entirely within his rights to say what he did. Many believe that Donald Trump is inciting violence and that his speech therefore does not always enjoy that protection. It is a matter for some debate.

      But Senator Zukerman and the Vermont Workers Center of course yield to the
      decisions of law. Even if you don’t agree with them, as an advocate for free speech, surely you agree with their right to express an opinion on the legality of Donald Trump’s arguments?!

  2. I think we need to ask ourselves if the person we are supporting for lite gov is fit for the top job, governor of the state of VT. And stop allowing mere wannabes for higher office to use it as a two year foot-in-the-door light-work taxpayer-funded political sabbatical. When campaigning should be campaigning as if it were for gov and we should bve treating their run thusly.

    And while perched upon stepping stone deciding which other positions or higher offices are their oyster. Nothing wrong with a stepping-stone–but that all running need to be prepared to be governor as the least of their qualifications. Was Garet Graff qualified? I would say no and the list goes on.

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