Former Governor Jim Douglas goes to John!

John Kasich’s presidential campaign that is.  Former Governor Jim Douglas has officially endorsed John Kasich and joined his Vermont Leadership Team. Douglas joins Vermont State senators Peg Flory (R-Rutland), Kevin Mullin (R-Rutland), and Rich Westman (R-Lamoille) who signed on to the Ohio Governor’s campaign earlier.

In his statement Douglas said: “Among the candidates left standing, only John Kasich demonstrates the leadership ability needed in the Oval Office. From balancing the budget in Washington to turning Ohio’s economy around, he knows how to solve problems and he knows how to bring people together.”

Before becoming governor Kasich was a Newt Gingrich Republican in Congress for nineteen years, with a brief spell prior to becoming governor earning big bucks  at Lehman Brothers (before they went belly-up). kasichthewall

Curiously Kasich says if elected president he would try to reunite Pink Floyd for a concert.

(What is it with Republicans and walls?)


And how about that record the Ohio Governor has that Douglas admires? In brief here are four items singled out from his time as Governor.

~ Enacted sweeping tax cuts that devastated Ohio’s poor.

~ Signed a budget that included restrictive anti-choice measures.

~ Dealt a blow to labor by supporting pro-business legislation.

~ Pushed through charter school reform while ignoring failing schools.

And Progress Ohio Executive Director Sandy Theis says bluntly:

“John Kasich is nowhere near as likable or as moderate as he makes out, and I think it won’t take long for that to become apparent in this campaign. He’s a flash in the pan,”

Sounds as if Jim Douglas has lot in common with Governor Kasich — except the Pink Floyd thing.

But who’s gonna tell Donald Trump and Ted Cruz they lost Governor Douglas’ and Vermont State Sen. Peg Flory’s coveted endorsement?

One thought on “Former Governor Jim Douglas goes to John!

  1. Jim and John are brother members of the “Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing” Lodge. The secret handshake involves crossed fingers behind their backs.

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