How NOT to win friends and influence voters.

Does this sound familiar to you? You’re quietly reading news articles and blogposts when suddenly, very loudly, an ad blares from your computer. You look all over the screen to try and find the sneaky link that you have inadvertently triggered, but fail to see one.

So you sit there fuming for the duration…not listening, just fuming. At the close of the seemingly endless interruption, you hear “…Paid for by Bruce Lisman for Governor, blah, blah, blah…”

That’s right: like the ubiquitous “Kilroy” in WWII, Lisman was here.

Bad idea, Mr. Lisman. No one likes those annoying pop-ups, and fewer than no one can tolerate their audio counterpart.

Whoever sold you this bill of goods must be working for the other side.

Whatever it said (and I honestly didn’t hear a word as I furiously looked for the ‘off’ button), the message it unmistakably carried was that Mr. Lisman has more dollars than sense, as my dad used to say.

Why would anyone support a man for governor who can’t respect their online privacy?

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4 thoughts on “How NOT to win friends and influence voters.

  1. Possible campaign ad highlighting Lisman’s Wall Street career

    Lisman was here: Bear Stearns
    $159.00 dollar a share to $ 2.00 per share in 365 days

  2. Recent headline: “Goldman Sachs Admits It Defrauded Investors, Receives $5 Billion Fine” What are the chances that Mr. Lisman will be indicted for scamming homeowners and taxpayers, or will this ridiculous settlement cover his back?

  3. What a bunch of jerks! Yeah, gotta agree Lisman and campaign are asshats. Everyone is pretty unhappy with these annoyances they’re so infuriating. Buuut, there is a possible fix for *some* fugitive popups, but with avery fix just like a virus or new fungus, the admakers find ways of circumventing all remedies.

    I still use W7 IE9: Go to “manage addons”/”run without permission”-choice in the “show” bar, via the “programs” bar in Internet options. Right click “shockwave flash object”, click the “more information” choice-then in “allow/remove all sites” click remove all sites. There’s other ways to do this but for most home users this way is easy-most probably don’t use DOS commands much.

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