The Little Bill Who Cried Wolf

It would be a shame to see the Democratic primary race descend into the sort of food fight we‘ve lately witnessed from the GOP.

One would think that there are enough differences on policy between the candidates so that hyperbolic characterizations might be set aside. Sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case.

When the candidates begin to show a little strain, the media is right there to stir the pot, dangling ‘he said/she saids’ and hoping for a strike. All too often, they are rewarded with a juicy bite of red meat that keeps them coming back for more.

Bernie Sanders was finally provoked into suggesting something which I am sure he regrets: that Hillary Clinton might be ‘unqualified’ to be president, based on a series of regrettable decisions from her political career. He was responding to a leaked Clinton campaign plan of attack on Sanders described as “disqualify, defeat, and then reunite (the party).”

It was a war of words with a candidate who is extremely capable of dishing it out herself. Neither came out of the exchange smelling like a rose; however, it is Bill Clinton who ought now to be apologizing for his implication that somehow Bernie was being sexist in his remarks.

Of course, he was not; Bernie was simply hitting her on the issues in response to her campaign’s implication that he might not ‘qualify’ as a real Democrat.

It is an insult to women everywhere when a man such as Bill Clinton cries ‘wolf’ as he has in this case.

Sexism is a very real and pernicious obstacle that women deal with every day. It is not a false flag of political convenience to be trotted out whenever a female candidate is exposed to criticism for her policies. Most female candidates use the accusation only rarely, and even then, judiciously. They recognize the damage done to legitimate outrage when sexism is invoked without cause.

Certainly Bill Clinton should be the last man on earth to challenge Bernie Sanders on his feminist credentials. I have the impression that he still doesn’t ‘get’ that he is the very embodiment of sexism for many American women.

It is a mistake for the Clinton campaign to let Bill off the leash. He made a hash of her campaign against Obama and he may just do it again if somebody doesn’t send him on a long vacation.

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3 thoughts on “The Little Bill Who Cried Wolf

  1. This election is one of the most exciting in my life time. For once, the candidates are arguing publicly instead of behind closed doors. Their personalities are more on public view. The English may be more polite but they argue in their Commons more publicly than the US parties. Frankly, there does not seem to be much difference between our two parties. They have privately argued in the past as two capitalist clubs over who will get to take wealth from the US population. This is refreshing. The two clubs deserve to be destroyed for the good of all of us.

  2. Excellent point, Perry! My family was just discussing this at breakfast.

    That is exactly what we have here: our democracy has somehow defaulted to the competing interests of just two “clubs,” both of them distinctly capitalistic in their priorities.

    Other “clubs” that have other priorities are relegated to the no-man’s land of “Independent” and forced to join one of the clubs in order to bring their ideas into the national conversation. Having to submit to the ‘rules’ of one of the two elite clubs, their ideas can never fully compete.

    Now because of the possibility of contested conventions on both sides, the spotlight clearly picks-out the arbitrary and ‘clubby” nature of the arrangement. It’s not even quasi-democratic.

  3. SNL Cold Open:
    Machine politics at its finest on full display: Biggest story is getting no press in overwhelmingly Clinton-supported, machine-backed and DNC-sponsored mainstream media that Clintons numbers among nonwhite voters have collapsed:
    Most voters including many Dems do not trust Clintons which is why we’re seeing numbers plummet:
    Her Royal Haughtiness Hillary a sight to behold as she parades around with nose in stratosphere as though she’s already won and merely awaiting the formality of coronation. In each win full-throatedly bellowing acceptance speeches roboticly enunciated like she’s won the general. What’s good for the goose HRC!
    Taken aback by the pack-style assault on Bernie- esp on behalf of someone as inherently dishonest and given to ongoing bouts of pathological lying- as fanclub ignores every red flag including FBI criminal investigation which she has repeatedly lied was taking place finally calling it a “security review”.
    And, there’s not one but *two* FBI investigations:
    Fact that Killary is being installed by DNC w/o any serious run by other qualified Dems as a monarch troubles no diehards? Here we are *again* with some dude- this time a whitehaired old man-senator from VT- adored by and inspiring youth with rock-concert rallies messing up her plans after waiting her turn in the succession line to the throne- whaa. That he is awash with multimillions- most recent haul of $44 million in one month speaks volumes & translates into massive support & altogether shows depth of how widely HRC & Bill disliked and distrusted. Facts are stubborn things:
    Bernies’ campaign got wind of HRC campaign newest scheme, plot to “disqualify, defeat, unify later”. Headed her off at the pass *before* it could be fully launched and hit back hard. It’s being spun as a sexist attack but Bernie campaign just beat her to the punch. DNC (they want to pick successor when FBI chickens come home to roost and do not want Bernie) & campaign in code-red panic mode or none of this would matter. What he said is effectively telling it like it is and echoes what’s going on inside heads of many voters. Personally credit campaign for reading pulse of electorate. HRC camp is and minions are out in full force to take down Bernie with identical talking point- because *he is winning*.
    Green-eyed monster not hard to spot. She and Bill have already played gender politics angle by painting Bernie a sexist. Clinton inferred that Bernie unqualified- no different than saying it outright, so why the poutrage? Now that it looks like Bernie could win all Dems who laughed him off are pissed-off now that he is surging and about to hand her-highness her ass with a New York win and jetting off to the Vatican for a speech sure can’t hurt.

    We the (little) ppl won’t behave, fall-in & march lockstep with the party establishment chosen, accept business-as-usual including succession of dynasties to the throne. Republican heir-apparent Jeb unceremoniously tossed out on ear.

    Replaced by a thug-like rich guy, who’s not even a republican. Channeling a tyrant, whose rise and behavior mirrors Adolph Hitler & who kept Hitler speech collection by bedside, bragidoces, bellicoses and buys his way into the hearts of millions including the press.

    On the left, ex-flotus who according to many women including Bills’ ex-lovers & alleged victims aided & abetted sexual predator hubby & whose political career, as was hers marked by scandal and corruption which continues. Bob Woodward sez:

    Interesting parallell- both parties facing same headache. And, now looks like Dem convention could be contested also. Party bosses and stalwarts expect the Dems to blindly support someone who is seen, with her husband, as career criminals going back to Arkansas and put them back in WH. Personally don’t think she can win as Indies will not vote for her:

    *updated crosspost

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