Milne sells majority stake in Quechee Highlands development

The Upper Valley News is reporting that Scott Milne will sign a tentative agreement today with Utah developer David R. Hall to sell his controlling interest in the Quechee Highlands development in Hartford Vermont.

Portrait of two businessmen shaking hands against white backgroundHall and Milne took questions at the Vermont Law School. (Hall was visiting VLS in South Royalton to discuss the massive new building he has proposed financing for the struggling school. It would house the  D. R. Hall Vista Center for study of experimental econo-systemic communal living.)


Quechee Highlands is Milne’s proposed project for a 15 acre mixed retail and residential development bordering Interstate 91 in Hartford. The project, years in the works, won a significant court case but has several permitting hurdles remaining.

The April 1st Quechee Highlands agreement with Hall may not be a surprise to Milne’s political fan. Speculation is that this is part of an ongoing plan to simplify his business interests. With an eye on a run on the Republican ticket against Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy, Milne acknowledged the need to simplify his business holdings – He explained  that the prior sale of the family travel agency freed him from obligations “should I get lucky … it gives me the ability to step back for six years.”

Motives for Utah millionaire David R. Hall’s purchase of the planned Hartford development are less clear, though it may also be part of a larger vision. Hall has quietly bought an estimated 900 acres of land in four towns in the area. He hopes to build a large contiguous plot to house 15,000 to 20,000 residents who would live in a utopian econo-systemic styled community, modeled on the Mormon teachings of Joseph Smith (who was born nearby in Sharon, VT).QuecheeVista

One local Republican office holder commented anonymously on Milne and Hall’s deal:

“At first glance it seems he[Milne] finally made a smart strategic move and freed his campaign to promote more development and rail against regulatory overreach without a blatant conflict of interest .”

However the outspoken Republican says she is worried over the municipal implications of a large retail mall near Interstates 89  and 91 interchanges, that would in her words be owned “…by a quasi- independently governed 20,000 resident tax free ‘city state’.”   

And added “It is only April 1st and heaven only knows how this will all play out for the Upper Valley. But honestly, now he looks to be more a troublesome wealthy fool than a visionary.”  It was not clear to whom she was referring.

6 thoughts on “Milne sells majority stake in Quechee Highlands development

  1. Surely you jest…

    High on the LDS agenda for quite some time has been legalization of plural marriages which is quietly approved by the LDS in the areas where it is rampant or it could not continue. “Sister Wives” which airs on cable and attempts to show how much fun they are, is thoroughly disgusting, but serves to show the push to go mainstream.

    I see they’re not going mainstream with the reality of tiny teens married to men old enough to be their great grandfathers, so a few steps above the FLDS practice of marrige to 12 year olds and the casting out of boys as they reach puberty to save each crop of little girls for the creepy old men. See “lost boys”. There are also graves where deformed babies have been buried. Afaic- nothing more than a cult which legitimizes perversion and victimizes women and children complete with cradle-to-grave isolation from society- the only way cults can continue. Also some personal experiences.

    Any search will show many respected media outlets saying “it’s time” to legalize polygamy, apparently the LDS/FLDS has been quietly pouring on the payola as it appears they are now doing here- hence the interest in a fast-friendship with VLS which was the clue. Cults take over their victims & surroundings slowly by stealth like a pernicious disease.

    If anyone thinks this is on par with same-sex please do a little research on FLDS and its sordid history which continues, and the control they exert over the towns thay have overrun, welfare benefits etc etc. I guess they could call a move to VT–with the somewhat generous Dr D., medicaid, food stamps, fuel assistance, weatherization, property tax income-sensitivity–just a “business decision”.

    Personally my concern is the mind control & soul-destroying slavery inherent in each lifestyle- to say nothing of the violation to their human rights they don’t know they have. FLDS & some of the plural marriage practices amount to nothing more than institutionalized slavery & legalized pedophilia with arranged marriages in other countries to brides as young as 8 married to really old men who literally purchase them. When married to younger men, they become a servant to the extended family and a sex-slave to the husband. Many women attempt suicide by immolation, hospitals have many burn victims who consider that preferable to the lifelong cruelty they are subjected to and the knowing that their female children will share the same fate.

    VT could become a haven for other religions that practice plural marriges which include defacto sharia law. I think we need to ask ourselves what kind of state we wish to be and take a good look at attracting contributers to VT who share our values while rejecting ppl who are only here to use VT for their own interests while not serving or contributing to ours.

    VTers need to wake the hell up & grow a spine, batten the hatches and do something about residency requirements to prevent even more of a stampede of would-be riders streaming into VT to hop aboard our large and comfy gravy train, than we already have. And before we are more overrun than we already are with ppl who see our lax welfare rules, fat medicaid rolls and rest of the aforementioned as a jackpot.


  2. Responded but don’t know if it *poofed*. If so, free to delete one if you wish.

    Your response somewhat accurate and not the usual farfetched hilarity of past April Fools which did fool readers responding with alarm- you’re slipping folks! And no, I don’t want a refund ;D

    Don’t generally check the tags and was looking for it as jvwalt has a version. Widely reported and–for Milne–not much of a stretch to see him hopping aboard as he *did* just sell a stake in travel business.

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