NRC praises ‘flexible’ strategies

Once in a while, just to see what I can see I’ll take a look at the US NRC blog. It is a special place where it almost seems believable that everything nuclear is always under control, always has been and always will be  — forever and ever.FukushimaMeltdown101113 However, a recent NRC post, on the anniversary of the Fukushima disaster tells me  “…great strides” have been made in the past five years. The NRC is getting even better!

A key lesson from the accident was that plants must be prepared for events not contemplated when they were designed and constructed. Plants’ strategies to address external events must be flexible enough to deal with variety of circumstances.

VYkidpoolAll that would be much more reassuring if  images of Entergy’s half dozen or so  kiddie pools full of tritiated water at Vermont Yankee weren’t still fresh in the mind of Vermonters.VYkidpool2 Granted Entergy’s plant is not operating but this can’t be what the NRC meant by flexible strategies.



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