Updated: Jim Condos backs Bernie…& it’s a Michigan blowout!

Following a shockingly unexpected victory for Bernie Sanders in the Michigan primary, these folks must feel especially good about their gutsy decision.

Vermont Secretary of State, Jim Condos, and Rep. Tim Jerman of Essex Junction have announced that, as superdelegates to the Democratic party convention, they will be joining Peter Welch in supporting Bernie Sanders’ bid to become President of the United States.  I completely overlooked the news that Democratic Party Chair, Dottie Deans, also threw her super support behind Bernie!  I must have been suffering from double-Dean vision.  Well done, Ms. Dean!

The pair waited until after Vermont’s voters had spoken in the primary to announce their choice because both felt it important to lend their weight to the choice of the people of Vermont.

Bernie Sanders, as we all know, walked away with all of the pledged delegates, when he scored more than 86 % of the popular vote in the Vermont primary.

It is unfortunate that Governor Shumlin and Senator Leahy could not wait to see what is the will of their constituents before throwing their own superdelegate support behind Hillary Clinton, who gained less than 13% of the popular vote. Howard Dean, who as a former Democratic Chairman also enjoys superdelegate status (and who once defeated Senator Sanders in a gubernatorial race) was another early Hillary supporter.

It would have been nice to see them also refrain from endorsement until after the people had spoken, but the Clintons represent a formidable bloc in the Democratic party, demanding and receiving loyalty based on their combined history of  electoral success; and nobody ever said that party politics were fair…or even particularly democratic.

Anyway, thank you Secretary Condos, Dottie Deans and Tim Jerman for resisting the siren’s song of power politics and instead remembering your own loyal constitutents.

Your contribution puts you on the right side of American history at what we can only hope will prove a pivotal moment.

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