Donald Trump is an EB-5 funded developer

It seems Donald Trump and Vermont’s NEK mega developer Bill Stenger have something in common-they both love EB-5 investors from China.

Considering all his anti-immigration and China is “killing us,” stealing our jobs and money rhetoric, Trump surprisingly has no qualms accepting Chinese investor financing for a development project in New Jersey under the Trump® name. chairmantrump1

The Federal EB-5 visa program provides foreign investors with a US green card, for them and their families, and (after two years) permanent resident status in exchange for agreeing to invest $500,000 in an approved US business.  In recent years the majority of EB-5 foreign investment funds have been from wealthy Chinese. EB-5 provides a “safe” place for their cash outside of China. Is it possible Donald’s EB-5 immigrant investors are issued a Trump visa card?

The Trump investors’ EB-5 money is for a 50-story luxury apartment building in New Jersey only a short distance from Lower Manhattan. It is licensed under the Trump name and run by the Kushner Company. Jared Kushner is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

Kushner Companies is a New Jersey-based real estate firm built by Kushner’s father Charles, a former rainmaker in New Jersey Democratic politics who pleaded guilty to a federal campaign finance violation, filing false tax returns, as well as attempts to silence a witness. Charles was sentenced in 2005 to a prison term of two years. He remains active in the company. Jersey City is the first and, so far, only Trump project for the company.

About the Chinese funded NJ development, a Trump spokesperson says: “This was a highly successful license deal but he [Trump] is not a partner in the financing of the development.”

In his campaign for the Republican nomination for president Monday, Trump took a break from beating up on China, and in remarks the called “unusual, if not anachronistic,” went after Japan for currency manipulation. And the band — or at least its bombastic tuba — plays on.

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump is an EB-5 funded developer

  1. Who’da thunk it?

    I would.

    Trump is just the species of rodent I smelled when I first learned of the EB-5 sleight of hand. It’s exactly the way that the Prince of Darkness would choose to stick it to China while gladly taking their money.

    “Investment?” I think not.

    1. Yep.And it’s all legal -200% ethical.
      All of Trump’s other flaws over shadow this a bit but think about it though, a man who (believe it or not )could be the next president is financing a business by basically selling citizenship.

      And there’s more EB-5 fun coming soon:

      Regional gang war: the big city developers (such as Trump’s Jersey luxury townhouses) are taking a bigger and bigger bite of the EB-5 pie. So the currently stalled EB-5 re-authorization battle in the US Senate is boiling down to fight between the country EB-5 gang and the urban EB-5 gang.
      The question is -which crony developers gets the foreign investor spoils eh, Oh I mean where will the few low wage jobs be created.

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