To Hillary: as if it matters

Piece of advice, Hillary?

Lose the Silver Fox with his foot in his mouth.

Allowing Bill Clinton to lash himself to your campaign did you no favor in 2008. This year, its an even worse idea.

As everyone within shouting distance knows, I am a HUGE Bernie Sanders supporter.

Nevertheless, I recognize Hillary’s competence and experience. If, after a fair primary season, she is the nominee, I will support her.

That being said, I never liked Bill and am liking him less every time he opens his mouth.

What Hillary has to understand is that many Bernie supporters don’t dislike her; but this is despite her husband, who falls just a little to the left of George Bush in the greater scheme of things.  He does nothing to burnish her progressive credentials, if that’s as important to her as it seems to be.

Worse than Monica Lewinsky, he gave us NAFTA and “Don’t ask, don’t tell”…which probably was his personal motto.

Under Boyfriend Bill, the rich got still richer and the myth of American exceptionalism was on steroids.

If it’s all about summoning some sort of racial divide based on voting habits from twenty years ago, that seems more than a little demeaning to minority voters who are, after all, individuals  whose lives have been shaped, much like everyone else’s have, by events and emerging issues from the intervening years.

Please Hillary, PLEASE: send the big boy home.

He will be toxic for your campaign and, by extension, the whole Democratic party.

About Sue Prent

Artist/Writer/Activist living in St. Albans, Vermont with my husband since 1983. I was born in Chicago; moved to Montreal in 1969; lived there and in Berlin, W. Germany until we finally settled in St. Albans.

5 thoughts on “To Hillary: as if it matters

  1. Bill Clinton brought great prosperity to our country. I guess you forget that with your horrible disgusting criticism.
    If Hillary should lose the election, I do hope Bill Clinton will hurt the Democratic Party, since it would no longer be the Democratic Party, as it would be gone. A new party would emerge, The Socialist Party vs. the Republican Party. Sanders and his progressives failed in Vermont and will fail nationwide. Read the article in Politico today about Sander U. There will be much more on that in the future.

  2. Easy there, Irene.

    Sanders has hardly “failed” in Vermont! He is greatly loved here.

    The things you say lead me to suspect that you are not a Vermonter. If you were, you would know that the Progressive Party (which I assume you were referring to as “his progressives”) is extremely vigorous in Vermont, with a number of members sitting in the Legislature, and one well-admired member in statewide office, Doug Hoffer, who has been twice elected and so far runs unopposed again this year.

    As well, David Zuckerman is a Progressive candidate for Lieutenant Governor who is likely to be extremely competitive.

    My “horrible disgusting criticism” is simply my opinion of Bill Clinton’s record in office.
    You are entitled to your own.

  3. The more Hillary brings out Bill, the more politically desperate she appears, and the more people take a closer look at Bernie and what he stands for. What’s not to like about it?

    1. How quickly people have forgotten the prosperity our country experienced with Bill Clinton in the White House. How has your 401K plan done under Bush? How is it doing now? And Bernie wants to destroy Wall Street. Bill knew foreign policy as well as domestic. Unfortunately, one candidate, the socialist, does not know anything about foreign policy. Ask him how many dictators there are in North Korea? We must have a president that is just does not have a tunnel vision about Wall Street. Bernie has millions of dollars, which he fails to disclose. Where are the millions invested???

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