A Pox on Both Their Houses

Now that Donald Trump‘s suit of alligator armor has suffered a rent in Iowa, I feel it is safe to say that on one thing we agree: Ted Cruz’s campaign is guilty of fraud.

No matter how you parse the story, Ted Cruz’s tightly run campaign dispersed a false story to Iowa Caucus goers, that Ben Carson was stepping down and his supporters should switch their vote to Cruz. The record of communications clearly demonstrates that this was an attempt to move voters over to Cruz by deliberate deception.

The Cruz campaign attempted to hand-off the blame to CNN. Fortunately, in this era of wall-to-wall records, it’s perfectly clear that the Cruz campaign took the legitimate story carried on CNN that Cruz was not flying to New Hampshire that night but rather to Florida “for a change of clothes,” and transformed it into a boldface lie.

That goes well beyond ‘dirty tricks,’ of which Donald Trump has no doubt played plenty.

Cruz has apologized to Ben Carson, and it is questionable how much of an effect the ruse had on the outcome; but defrauding voters is ‘voter fraud’…something which Republicans are always allegedly combatting in their efforts to suppress votes by minorities.

How is this kind of voter fraud consistent with Ted Cruz’s supercilious holier-than-thou Christian values?

Cruz’s surrogates are dismissing Donald Trump’s call for redress as the predictable whining of a sore loser. ‘True enough; but it’s not as simple as that.

What happened to that great Christian value of accepting responsibility for your actions? Apparently, if you have the credentials of a certified pious zealot, you are entitled to a ‘get-outta-hell’ card every now and again. Just say ‘sorry’ and you’re good to go.

I hope Trump does sue Cruz’s campaign. By all rights, he might just win that one…and he does love to win.

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Artist/Writer/Activist living in St. Albans, Vermont with my husband since 1983. I was born in Chicago; moved to Montreal in 1969; lived there and in Berlin, W. Germany until we finally settled in St. Albans.

One thought on “A Pox on Both Their Houses

  1. Firstly do not believe Trump numbers affected. Fan club distinctively unprincipled, wandered off reservation of traditional conservative thought as Trump has no republican bonfides and has leaned dem. They’re in harbor of RW icky fringe, present on either ends of L-R continuum. Enraged by congress, not seeing the party combat vast overreaches of the left some are disillusioned. Nonplussed at large support for outspoken abusive hater & complete phony who routinely veers off beaten path into offhand sick comments. Recently: daughter has nice body-would date if not her dad, could commit murder and not see poll# drop. Wow! In own words telling us all about himself, broadcasting illness, so majority of those comfortable with this & looking other way in tacit agreement.

    Carson, like Cruz fan club have many professing Christians but here again Carson similar to Trump a w/narrow niche of supporters, so not much of a leap for any to drift into one of the 3-flavors, if so, Rubio is the loser. Although if it happened as reported, still fraudulent, but if I were committed to a candidate would double-check so actual loss an unknown.

    Lastly all who profess not necessarily Christian whether church-goers or not aka ‘Churchianity’ for a reason. While some in RCC use confessional as a system to continue bad behavior, similarity exists in bible-believing realm minus pageantry & confessional, differences are small. Pat Robertson charismatic evangelicals believe ‘once saved, always saved’, no hell (or purgatory) following conversion. So what’s a little voter-fraud among fellow Republicans? Probably views it as low on sin-richter but missing point of belief-achieving through faith. If run is based entirely on fraud, rests upon sand. Worst part of evil deed is shaming ppl to vote, very likely recognizing believers’ fear of disobedience to authority.

    If these so-called christian pols are listening to the likes of PR unsurprised that fraud would be ok-ish. True to southern-baptist roots including Taliban-style treatment of women, blames wives for cheating spouse using double-standard ‘men were created this way’-another a type of fraud. And more recently even counseling a young lady to avoid involving LE for sex assault but to ‘forgive father for molesting her’. Holy shit! Tells me all I need to know about the man as only a diseased, hate-infested, reprobate mind could dismiss *crimes* against women & children, showing the little regard so-called christian men have for women & children, who are for the most part defenseless. Views are contrary to biblical teaching-adultery is cause for divorce, incest a crime which results in lifelong psychological trauma-who needs to be told this.

    Once upon a time watched the show but was nowhere near this creepy. PR displays mental decline & did to some extent back then also. Interestingly says divorce for alzheimers’ ok so hope fully wife will shit-can him.

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