Bernie’s revolution had a promising night.

Last night’s Iowa primary was a wild ride as befit the first official vote in this extraordinary year.

Even though cable news awarded the win to Clinton, the clearness of victory most certainly remains questionable and must be bitter-sweet for the once presumptive nominee.

Establishment pundits on the same cable networks still insist Bernie doesn’t stand a chance against Hillary when minorities are factored in, but his long-time supporters know how compelling his arguments are among almost any demographic once he is able to reach them on their home turf.

Conventional wisdom treats minorities as monolithic voting blocs, likely to herd in one accustomed direction. When you think about it, that’s a pretty demeaning assumption. If we are learning anything from this election cycle, it is the folly that lies in making assumptions.

The only question is whether there is sufficient time left for Bernie to make contact with all those voters in crucial southern states who are just now becoming familiar with his name.

I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that Bernie is likely to get his revolution in the long run, if his support among young people is anything to go by.

Last night was far more of a moral victory for Bernie Sanders than it was for Hillary Clinton.

With Iowa, he has already proven that, even after Citizens United, a principled candidate relying solely on small donations can still be viable against the kind of money Hillary Clinton is able to summon from establishment and corporate interests.

It must be hugely gratifying for a man who has devoted his long political career to fighting for the little guy, often suffering ridicule for his idealism.

There is an overarching theme of populism driving both the Democratic and Republican primary races. Make no mistake though; while some glib pundits suggest they are drawing from the same pool of discontent, the theme plays in a wildly different key on either side of the two party divide. Suggestions, by the same pundits, that Bernie supporters could ultimately be recruited by Trump in the event of a Hillary nomination, demonstrate how clueless the mainstream media is about the values of Bernie voters. This is hardly surprising when you consider how little attention they paid to his candidacy throughout the summer and fall.

Bernie Sanders’ revolutionary message appeals to our evolved and ‘better’ selves, while that of Donald Trump appeals to the primitive and selfish id, which instinctively responds with an adrenaline rush to fear and prejudice.

The same kind of anti-minority, nationalistic drum-beat that recruited God-fearing German citizens to join Hitler’s brownshirts is calling the extreme right flank of the Republican party to renounce the traditional American values of personal liberty, tolerance and generosity that underly our constitution.

No matter who ends up the Democratic nominee, to imagine Bernie’s followers could ever fall-in behind Donald Trump is truly laughable.

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Artist/Writer/Activist living in St. Albans, Vermont with my husband since 1983. I was born in Chicago; moved to Montreal in 1969; lived there and in Berlin, W. Germany until we finally settled in St. Albans.

7 thoughts on “Bernie’s revolution had a promising night.

  1. Nate Silver had a blog either for or connected to New York Times-last election was the first I had seen it-don’t know how long it’s existed.

    Was the only one *I think* that did not predict a Romney win or that it was even close. Go-to soothesayer as I agonized over a Romney win. Gallup performed so poorly not even in POTUS election polls this year as they would not disclose their math.

    Team is website–lots of differing polls. And did come up with scenario that could produce a Bernie win like 6 months ago.
    With the prospect of Hellery indictment looks like less of a longshot. Though talk had for a while seemingly settled down-investigation has been ongoing. Unlike NYT and others strongarmed by Clinton Machines’ vast array of goons-blogosphere not constrained from calling it what it is-CRIMINAL.

    FBI nor Comey rightwing conspirators so there goes that whine. B/c of nondisclosure agreement, leaks risky-id of leaker more easily dicovered by type of leak. Hasn’t stopped-just slowed. Charges are very serious.

    Couple of months ago heard there’s war between FBI & DOJ. If Lynch refuses to indict or charge-door opened for Nixon-era revolt.
    More links:

    Soo…Iowa ends up going down rabbit hole, air of Cintonian stench & appearance of rigged. The way they roll, like tin-pot dictators. Bernie wants investigation-who can blame him. Come on–six coin tosses–gets the delegates???

    Clintons ride again. My how they do manage to f’k things up wherever they go and why I cannot even bear to look at or listen to her, hubby-the-perve or hench-girl Chelsea.


  2. Presidential Primaries
    Runner-up drama: Trump says Cruz ‘stole’ Iowa election; Sanders mulls challenge
    Published February 03, 2016

    Bernie side of this story not ‘sore loser’ imo, not only legitimate but necessary as what may have happened how dictatorial regimes operate-by pulling fast ones. Seemed so sudden-before I knew it Clinton bellowing scripted canned rehearsed rant as though trying to convince.

    Trump meltdown-at least his second, first; debate drama awol. Kelly dustup a ruse, afraid of being asked questions he could not answer as he recognizes ability to blindside which I think he percieves unpredictable as a b***slap.

    Appears to show delusional-depressed side of narcissism, and displays how he will react as potus when he doesn’t get way. Always someone elses fault since egomaniacal are perfect and incapable of making mistakes or ever being wrong. Adoring dummies extremely fickle as anyone with the character to support Trump likely not known for enduring qualities such as loyalty.

    Another recent antic that gave pause was that he is so popular he could kill someone and numbers would stay up ??? Only the dangerous speak like this.

    Polls also unreliable I believe, suspect some answering not giving reliable info.
    Have suspected fraud all along but couldn’t figure out how, if so, he was pulling it. I’m sure he paid the crazy screaming hispanic woman to counter anti-immigrant racism.

    Burlington possible clue. Offhand comment by security that 100 seats were “reserved for Trumps’ people”. Really. Hmm, just 100, or, more…brought to mind the paid clappers “claque” in ancient times continuing to present. In search discovered Trump paid an actor-staffing company to attend events @ $50./per ‘fan’. How long has it been going on & how much is anyones’ guess-his or ‘sponsor’ ceiling the limit.

    Michelle Bachman attempted this in Iowa & it turned to shit. Problem comes when voting begins as coerced attendees don’t vote.

    Also found other pols have done it but imo the extent necessary to sway Trump-size numbers come with risk of getting caught & completely discrediting campaign so not very likely to be common. Trump so brazen just doesn’t care-winning is *everything* and an end in itself.

    Believe time-honored truisms. Bigger they come-harder they fall. Live by sword-perish by sword. But the timing unpredictable. A NY Times columnist predicted Trump would be gone before Iowa but don’t think everyone suspects if or how much “help” he may have. Hoping tide is turning, the guy gives me nightmares.

      1. This was one of the many websites that turned up info in recent searches primarily about Bernie, Hillary, Iowa & NH, but first I had seen of it. Thought it was new but looks like it’s been around since 2010- my bad!

        Never investigated the owner or looked into who was running it, none of the writers of stories had familiar names. But there he is in ‘about us’, only name I recognize in ‘columnists’- Ann Coulter – but both would have been a dead giveaway.

        Not actually a fan or ‘reader’, just another resource, but thanks for the heads up.

  3. What a difference 48 hrs makes:
    Hillary’s National Lead Over Sanders Is All Gone
    Blake Neff
    Said it before but now looks like I might not be alone–cannot bear to watch or listen to HRC–the throaty robotic yelling so offputting. Watching her continue to lie like a rug disturbing as there are many in official positions–not republiican lawmakers–who debunk each of her ‘explanations’ in the same day.

    Bernies’ performance is poised. Love the way he so dryly & calmly sets her up by simply mentioning Wall St–a thoroughly valid issue in light of continued slow recovery & Bills’ screwing with Glass-Steagal–as she then meltsdown like WW of West. Inquiring minds want to know about her damn transcripts–this is what happens when questions blown off–they don’t just go away b/c she doesn’t feel like answering.

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