McAllister crashes FC Legislative Breakfast


As the Senate grapples with its ethics bill, one man who is untroubled by that process is suspended senator Norm McAllister (R)who has apparently not gotten the memo that his ministrations are no longer wanted by Franklin County constituents.

Yesterday’s St. Albans Messenger carried a picture of McAllister seated, arms defiantly crossed, next to Rep. Dan Connor (D) of Fairfield at Monday’s legislative breakfast in Swanton.

I haven’t yet seen the Channel 16 coverage of the breakfast, but am told by a reliable source that Mr. McAllister actually tried to chair the meeting before Rep. Kathy Keenan (D) reminded him of his status.

There doesn’t appear to be any rule as to who gets to sit at the Big Boy table; I suppose even a constituent with chutzpah could take a seat.  Apart from Kathy Keenan’s intervention, I understand no one said anything about the elephant in the room, but photos in the Messenger show a bunch of distinctly unsmiling Republican representatives.

McAllister may be many things, but self-aware isn’t one of them.

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2 thoughts on “McAllister crashes FC Legislative Breakfast

  1. When you are thick as a brick
    I went back and re-read some comments senators made on the day McAllister was suspended. Senators Baruth and Campbell both predicted he was more likely to resign as a result of the vote. Maybe if the vote to suspend had been unanimous.

    But McAllister’s friend and fellow Republican Senator Benning knew better than to indulge in Baruth and Campbell’s wishful thinking: “Unfortunately, he has made a decision thus far that has locked him into pride. And I don’t believe he’s got the ability to overcome that pride right now unless his own family and his friends who have supported him thus far say ‘Norm, you can’t win this argument, we need to have somebody that’s representing us in the chamber and at this point, if you’re acquitted or exonerated you can run for reelection, but right now we need to have somebody sitting in that seat.’”

  2. Why is this unsurprising? Well Sue I think he is self-aware but so horses-ass stubborn and blinded by brazeness, so controlling cannot handle not being in control at all times. Anyone who has seen one has one-seen ALL. They have the personalities of pests such as rodents and just won’t quit. Seem to pride selves on sheer willpower.

    Reminded of a rat that haunted me when living in the middle of nowhere. Hopped up upon a stand a few feet from where I was sitting. Threw a large heavy object of some sort-I swear-it ducked! One reason why farmers and puckerbrush dwellers are armed.

    His ‘preferences’ lead me to this conclusion. Plus dragging fellow senators to conclusion they really had no choice to arrive at if possessing a pinprick of decency. Knew all along what he was up to. Yeah I get ‘due process’ is for all & he is being afforded this right but there are limitations in law as to what cirmumstances involved such as teachers, public safety-police etc. There are priorities.

    Enablers should be ashamed and hopefully not returned to statehouse.

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