Bruce Lisman’s Vermont: Re-imagine valued customers…

In his latest opinion piece in, Bruce Lisman the multi-millionaire candidate running in the Republican gubernatorial primary says: “It’s time to dare to be great!”

His top priority if elected would be: “First, I’d ask you to re-imagine our state’s government – one that treats its constituents as valued customers and sees employers as strategic partners.”

Well yes sir, Bruce! Re-imagine – Constituents as valued customers ! Whoa, that’s a  catch phrase for voters to rally round.

The problem with this suggestion is the role of constituents (citizens) and customers are different. On a government service level citizens experience interactions that are similar but not the same as those a customer might experience. Briefly a customer in the market place has the opportunity to choose what, where and when to buy. And a citizen using government services can’t exactly shop around for the best price on something. You can’t shop around for the best deal on your truck registration. The state of Vermont has a total monopoly on that one. And unlike a customer/seller relationship ,citizenship comes with collective obligations for the common good.

The retired Wall Street banker might just be listening to the call of his own imagined greatness propelling him forward.

Perhaps he hears echoes of Abraham Lincoln’s moving 1862 address to Congress “Fellow customers, we cannot escape history… The fiery trial through which we pass, will light us down, in honor or dishonor, to the latest generation.”

Aristotlecustomer 1

However Bruce Lisman might give consideration to the ancient philosopher Aristotle’s words of caution : “It is not always the same thing to be a good customer and a good citizen.”

5 thoughts on “Bruce Lisman’s Vermont: Re-imagine valued customers…

  1. It’s an unfortunate choice of words for someone who courts the anti-tax crowd. “Customers” is a characterization that suggests trying to unctuously extract more and more money from users’ pockets.

  2. Yeah, I always cringe a little when we talk about better “customer service” from state agencies. It’s one thing when you’re talking about the DMV and another when you’re talking about the entirety of state gov’t.

    1. Not sure if it still says this but back of envelope for vehicle registration used to say “Register early — we don’t like lines either!” Don’t think it would go over well when making reservations to read “Call early — we don’t like crappy tables (or seats) either!

    2. Also cringe-worthy is the two tiered level of service he imagines .One “valued customers” and on another the “strategic partners” class of employers. Who do you imagine the tight budget’s squeeze the most? The “customer” level or the tax credit/ incentive job creator give handouts to “strategic partner private employers”.
      I’ll bet there is always be money for VEGI/VEDA in Lisman-land but try hiring an extra State snow plow driver.

  3. Soo, does that mean we get our tax money back if unsatisfied with product or services? If there is no provision we aren’t customers. Premise is ridiculous anyways and even sounds kinda silly. Plus being at the crime scene during the last bank heist not a good resume. Still chuckle at the ludicrous line “I wasn’t in that dept”.

    Only a fool or the extremely naive could fall for “Dare to be great” or Trumps “I’ll make America great again”. A leader alone cannot do this. However a glimpse into Lismans giant ego as it mirrors narcissist Trump. Trying to be Reaganesque and brimming with happy talk, they both appear disingenuous. VT is effed no matter who gets in.

    Fortunately VTers are fairly immune to these types of exaggerated empty promises though I did fall for Shummy and all of his lies, well not all. Never suspected Obama could turn out to be this bad either. Not a fan of universal coverage or single payer but for those who believed it could happen huge dissapointment & devastating blow.

    All should have been suspicious – I’m sure some were – after failing to state funding plan by deadline and then dragging ass additional two more years. I’d like to see a recall for governor and potus also.

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