Sue Minter Has An Antidote for Trump Visit

Democratic candidate for Governor, Sue Minter has seized upon the imminent visit of Donald Trump, King of Mean, Imp of Intolerance, as an opportunity to encourage Vermonters’ native generosity to folks in need:

“I encourage all of you to devote either your time, money or both next Thursday, the day that Trump has chosen to speak in Vermont, to a cause that you stand for. A cause that helps bring us together, not tear us apart. A cause that represents compassion, kindness and love, not disrespect, bigotry and hate.  There are so many Vermonters engaged in activities that symbolize these Vermont values.  Take Megan and Seth Frenzen who are currently in Greece devoting their time and medical skills to the thousands of Syrian refugees. Or the trio of South Burlington high school students who have spent the last month gathering blankets, winter coats and other supplies to ship to the refugees.  It is these efforts and the values they reflect that make us proud to be American.”

She offers the following suggestions of ways in which you might contribute to these affirmative efforts:

If you are interested in giving to Megan and Seth’s mission please visit:  

If you are interested in helping the trio of inspiring South Burlington high school students, please send checks to:

Syrian Refugee Project ATTN: Nancy Lavarnway
550 Dorset Street, South Burlington, VT 05403

Drop-off location for blankets/warm clothing:
South Burlington Community Library
540 Dorset St.
South Burlington

‘Way to turn Lemonpuss into lemon-aid, Sue!

About Sue Prent

Artist/Writer/Activist living in St. Albans, Vermont with my husband since 1983. I was born in Chicago; moved to Montreal in 1969; lived there and in Berlin, W. Germany until we finally settled in St. Albans.

6 thoughts on “Sue Minter Has An Antidote for Trump Visit

  1. Played like a tin piano every time. How dumb can VTers be? He’s coming to ridicule us and paint us as ridgerunning rubes, looks like VWC will fall right in to the trap and proudly wear the “dirty hippie” meme.

    Day of Service and Generosity another bureaucratic concoction, selfrighteous edict to counter Trump’s bellicose belligerance, good luck with that. Lets call it Random Acts of Kindness and Selfless Acts of Beauty Day & enact a $1.00 tax on every box of bullets and ammo to pay for it. A new do-gooder club formed, the Higher Self Society fits right in with Maryjane legislation. Hell, tie it to climate change “Climate change is not good for children and other living creatures” symposium with speeches from & VPIRG. Ben & Jerry can hand out scoops-for-troops in the climate change war.

    Kids can join the Better Angels club. A parade & ceremony at the statehouse to remind us how unique and special we all are, state officials taking turns at the podium, complete with guests and speakers, congrats for all, entire statehouse singing in a round “I’d like to teach the world to sing …” Trophy emblems on stickers for nametags, miniature trophy pins and stuffed trophies for the kids – nominal donation request, 16 carat gold with tiny VT shaped diamonds for the well heeled available through Vermont Life. Get it into the schools as Kindness Indoctrination Day or KID. Vermont will lead the way in teaching the nation and world to be peace-loving and civil, even a South Park episode in our honor.

    Real Vermonters are already the kindest ppl one will ever find (there are exceptions). Further plays into peacenikism but suggests we are a bunch of asshats who don’t already do that. Insipid milquetoast not my cuppa, a way of life for many if not most and not new here in VT.

      1. I sure hope this was not seen as an attack on your routinely good-will efforts of inclusiveness and support for your causes Sue.

        Point being – VT does not do a very good job of effectively countering attacks and mass gatherings have often defaulted to a circus atmosphere which some of the ‘activists’ seem to relish. More recent one – statehouse protest following Shummy’s epic fail to deal with single payer in an honest manner, was overkill. Nutty op-eds in VT publications distinguishing the values of some hopefully not seen as representing all are rather silly in some cases. Makes us look like fools given the serious issues we are facing.

        Ms Minter may well be sincere here but the ones this will satisfy primarily the do-gooders themselves, rendering it primarily another feel-good selfrighteous action, typical of bureaucratic efforts which are not really effective and exploit the ones who should benefit. This will not change the situation in any meaningful way. And once again we look nutty.

        Kind of perverse to say ‘hey disadvantaged Vermonter, here’s a chicken pot pie, food box, blanket’ or whatever, courtesy of our Trump-angst’! Trivializes plight and degraded condition.

        Laws are made which are symbolic, hurt VT, VT is over run doctrinarians. The mutual back-patting & plaque-presenting are insincere symbolic trophies for small accomplishments.

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