Brock dumps Trump

A tip of the hat is well-deserved by Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Randy Brock, who has penned an op-ed distancing himself from Donald Trump.

While there is no doubt Mr. Brock wrote it with every confidence that it is what Vermonters want to hear, I commend him nonetheless for attempting to reclaim the party’s more noble heritage from the extremism of it’s current iteration.

The piece appeared in tonight’s St. Albans Messenger and will undoubtedly be carried by other Vermont papers over the coming days. It begins by citing some key Republican figures in American history who took principled stands against members of their own party, and concludes with the following statement:

“National leadership demands competence, character and temperament. There is no place for racism, sexism, religious intolerance, xenophobia and economic incoherence. Our country desperately needs a new leader grounded in reality, not in reality TV.”

Mr. Brock and I may strongly disagree on a great many points of policy, but on this we are in complete agreement.

Well said, Sir.

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3 thoughts on “Brock dumps Trump

  1. Yes it’s great to hear the right laying cards on table so voters know where they stand so it’s not just the left that looks logical.

    Brock is a good sensible guy, I would not mind him in any state position. I think he would be the right fit for Franklin Cty and hope he returns to the senate someday (soon!). Appears capable, competent and has vast experience. The tech skills would sure come in handy with all of the problems they seem to bring.

    I felt bad for him, I believe Darcy-the-destroyer did a poor job as campaign manager he never looked confident but I now wish he had won. While I’m sure she has capabilities still mystified that w/such a poor record why she is or was in demand.

  2. Is Randy Brock’s leadership test just for Donald?

    Brock might consider extending his leadership standards to the rest of the GOP presidential primary candidate gaggle and let us know how they all fare.
    He says: “National leadership demands competence, character and temperament. There is no place for racism, sexism, religious intolerance, xenophobia and economic incoherence.”
    Well Brock must know that JEB! and Ted Cruz want to ban potential immigrants based on religion,Chris Christie fears five year old Syrian refugees and wants to carpet bomb cities. And Ben Carson says a Muslim shouldn’t be president and Marco Rubio has suggested closing mosques.

    Randy Brock could find himself with no Republican presidential candidate to support at all. What would Sen. George Aiken do?

    Brock’s full letter to the editor here :

    1. Appears he did not want to dilute message as Trump has become the star of the ‘revolt against political establishment’ show which is the real and overarching issue afaic but needed to distance himself asap.

      Numbers suggest the set of those who always go with the new non-established face of election cycle — a long list — which include the far-right added to the creepiest elements of rightwing (look how far Perot got) now including a subset of those who want anyone not connected to the business-as-usual bunch in DC which seems where Tea Partiers have gravitated. They are saying they would rather have a complete idiot and political boor than any of the others. It would be Paul if his campaign had not had so many problems.

      They would gravitate to a more reasonable statesman-like candudate as long as they do not march with the party lockstep imho. Emergence of Cruz following Carson meltdown is what led me to this conclusion.

      New answer to a possible Trump choice for nomination is a party schism splitting off and running as indy which could almost guarantee Hellery’s coronation. Trail leads back to what some of us believe is result of tampering by the Clintonian attempt to sieze the throne.

      If Trump does not get nom I believe he would run indy which was always the plan imo – pledge was given with caveat he would not leave if “treated right” by the party and has recently made noises of splitting.

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