Sanders’ big win! DFA endorsement poll

The results of the Democracy for America presidential primary endorsement poll were tallied Thursday and Bernie won BIG. Sanders won a “record breaking” 87.9% of the vote and earned Democracy for America’s endorsement for the 2016 Democratic presidential primary. DFA reported there were 271,527 total votes cast.

The break-down was as follows: Sanders 87.9 %, Hillary Clinton 10.3%, and Martin O’Malley 1.1% and “don’t endorse” came in at a paltry 0.8%.


The win on Thursday coincided with a Sanders fund raising effort that topped 2 million individuals and garnered an endorsement by the 700,000 member Communication Workers of America. Sanders’ top strategist Tad Devine said: “Today is an indication that there are a lot of people in the left wing of the Democratic Party that think we are doing the right things to win, to achieve the agenda they’re committed to. Last night, when we went over 2 million people, it was an indication that we are ready, and able, to truly fund a real, national race,” Devine was understandably happy for the good news and momentum before Saturday’s televised candidate debate.

Seen in light of recent reports on Sanders’ skimpy media coverage, how does the DFA turnout of 275,000 voters compare to Republican presidential primary polling events? One early and heavily covered event is the Iowa Republican Straw Poll for presidential primary candidates. The Iowa Republican’s poll had just 16,892 voters in 2011, the last year it was held. The contest generated weeks of headlines and buzz for the GOP winner, yet at its height in 1999 it had barely 24,000 participants. So in a perfect media world, Sanders’ DFA win should generate at least a comparable amount of coverage to 24,000 Iowa Republicans.

But everybody knows that’s not going to happen, so it better be back to the phones – twitterverse – facebook – etc., etc – for Bernie’s campaign.

8 thoughts on “Sanders’ big win! DFA endorsement poll

  1. Good news we needed!!

    It’s been pretty clear that no Democratic candidate other than Hillary Clinton is going to get any airtime from the major news networks before the primaries.

  2. Well the brushfire is out!
    I lost count of the twittered and emailed petitions but the DNC, Clinton and Sanders camps have all made nice (sort of) after the day of the big data dust-up.

    “And while the Sanders campaign’s access has been restored for now, expect the clash to resurface during the prime-time debate [tonight 12/19] — which Sanders supporters already believed was being buried on a Saturday evening right before Christmas to help Clinton.”

    1. Well, the DNC timed that suspension rather conveniently so that it blocked a major canvassing initiative that was underway for New Hampshire by the Sanders campaign, which was intended to reinforce visibility around tonight’s debate. I was one of those Sanders phone-bank folks who was blocked from access to our own records. One has to assume, since I haven’t yet received notice that we can re-access our user accounts, that at least phone banking won’t resume in time to accomplish that.

      ‘Overkill?’ I’d say so!

      1. When I learned what was going on, I made another small donation to Bernie’s campaign.

        Be very careful of unintended consequences, DNC!

      2. So you feel that it is OK that Sanders and his crew downloaded and
        COPIED 24 RECORDS, entire records, to their OWN personal files? He had to be punished. But to think this is the end of the punishment would be naive. The big guns will come out for him after the holidays. He has lost 3 debates, has 2, 2 Congressmen that support him, and wants to add over $20 billion dollars to the budget. Good Luck getting that thru Congress. The young do not vote. Check the voting records. The seniors will not be voting for Bernie Sanders, Neither will the Middle Class. He will not even tell them he will not increase their taxes. Bad move.

        I have never, ever voted for a Republican for President, but if he should be the candidate, I will vote for Cruz, who will probably be the nominee. At least the budget would be CUT!

        1. PS. Just announced the the Bernie Sanders Campaign Staffers exported Clinton Voter Data and still have it. It is summaries of her voter data. PROPRIETARY> They did NOT turn it over. Weaver needs to be fired. HE is a dirty, dirty staff member that is not doing Bernie Sanders one favor. He must have taken lessons from Lee Atwater at the GOP years ago.
          Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat, and never has been. Criticizing the DNC? He is not a member of the Democratic party. He is a socialist. Period. Take from those that work and give to the ones standing on the street corner begging. Hillary Clinton will whip him right out of the party he does not belong to and never has wanted to be a part of…

        2. …And you are exactly the kind of voter the Republicans pray for. Me thinks you protest too much.

          Josh Utresky, the fired data director who was responsible for the breach was actually recommended to the Sanders campaign by the DNC in the first place!

          You’ll forgive Sanders supporters if we’re more than a little skeptical of how this thing went down. Sanders has more than established his cred as the most upright of candidates. If dirty tricks were involved, it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out where they really originated.

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