Pssssst… Hey, want to endorse a Democrat for president?

Update: Five hours left and the DFA really wants you to vote!  

Democracy for America’s 2016 Presidential Endorsement Poll is closing in just 5 hours. Time is running out for you to get out the vote for the Democratic candidate you think would give us our best shot at winning in November.

You! Yes, you have the power to vote for who Democracy for America should endorse in the 2016 Democratic Party presidential primaries. And it doesn’t cost a thing, and so why not?

Just visit the DFA website –provide a name and email, check your vote choice and verify the vote by return email. Simple: no lines, no waiting.

Democracy for America was founded in 2004, post-scream, from the remnants of Howard Dean’s presidential primary campaign organization with the overall goal of empowering voters. In their 2008 endorsement poll no candidate passed the DFA endorsement super-majority threshold.

DFAvoteHere from the DFA’s website here is how their 2016 presidential endorsement process works:

  • The endorsement vote is live right now and will end at 11:59pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, December 15.
  • Just like in a real election, you will need to work hard to maximize support for your candidate if you want them to win this endorsement. That means getting your friends, family and other like-minded progressives to cast their votes for your candidate as well — on Facebook, Twitter, over email, on the phone, or however you want to spread the word!
  • DFA will only endorse in this presidential primary if there is overwhelming support for one candidate. That means that, just like in 2007 when we last conducted an official presidential endorsement vote, we will only endorse if one candidate reaches DFA’s super-majority threshold of 67% (two-thirds of votes cast, or 66.67% to be technical about it).
  • On Thursday, December 17th — after a complete security review of the votes — we will announce the results.                                                     Vote here

So here’s your chance, party activists and grassroots grumblers! Go get some votes for your gal or guy. Or maximize the “don’t endorse” vote, almost as good as “none of the above.” The sweet thing here is that whatever vote-hustling footwork you do now just might pay off in the early primaries.


3 thoughts on “Pssssst… Hey, want to endorse a Democrat for president?

  1. Do you really think Sanders will beat Hillary Clinton for the nomination? Enjoy this DFA Endorsement vote…you won’t be happy this coming spring when all the primary votes are in for the Democratic nomination. Weaver is still trying to blame the DNC and now the software company for the breech of information. Note> Weaver and Sanders have NOT returned the proprietary information that belongs to Hillary Clinton. Must be very useful info for them. Have they done the same to the GOP? Weaver cannot be trusted. He is one of those dirty political tricksters, like Lee Atwater. Stealing info is their middle name…but the last laugh will be on them.

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