Three Dead in Colorado Springs

The headline gets barely a blink, it’s become so commonplace. Maybe it gets a little more attention because it happened at Planned Parenthood; but we’ll be over it just as soon as the next ISIS soundbite bypasses America’s frontal lobe and goes straight to its amygdala.

Who knows why it happened?

The shooter believed heavily altered videos of PP ‘wrongdoing’…

He believed he was smiting the wicked, because ‘all lives matter’…

He had a personal ax to grind with someone who done him wrong…

He was compensating for the lack in his tackle, or.…

He just doesn’t like Fridays?

Who cares?

It happened because it could.

It’s odd how a slim majority of Americans are so utterly terrified by atrocities committed oceans away from them, that they will at least consider abandoning key provisions of the Bill of Rights and centuries of fundamental principles surrounding it; yet, the Second Amendment is not just upheld by them, but expanded, both in scope and rigor, in ways never imagined by the Founding Fathers.

All of those history lessons about the Fall of the Roman Empire? Take a closer look: this is what decadence looks like.

Budding fascists used to be shown the door at their first outrageous suggestion, but Donald Trump, who is both pig ignorant and diabolically crafty, has been able to parlay his xenophobic stream of consciousness and a boatload of television exposure so that he is now the presumptive Republican nominee for president.

His appeal? Pure unbridled selfishness run amok.  His partisans don’t care who suffers, just so long as they get theirs.

The politician’s promise used to be “ a chicken in every pot;” now its a gun in every hand.

Smith and Wesson is over the moon.

About Sue Prent

Artist/Writer/Activist living in St. Albans, Vermont with my husband since 1983. I was born in Chicago; moved to Montreal in 1969; lived there and in Berlin, W. Germany until we finally settled in St. Albans.

2 thoughts on “Three Dead in Colorado Springs

  1. Third rail (one of them) rides again, okey shmokey I’ll bite – kneecaps are healed. Senseless tragedy for sure. Difficult to believe there are ppl so crazed that the destruction they leave will likely give mere life-without-parole or less w/insanity plea. And another young black-man-of-the-month falls at the barrel of a police issued ‘service weapon’-sanctioned killing. I admit to numbness.

    Argument remains unchanged, gun lobby and owners often feel shamed and blamed. As in all zero-sum games, I do not expect any turf will be ceded as both suspect it will not stop there. Gun owners relying on protection for safety via firearms maintain position that gun control will not stop the carnage.

    Obama now urges followers to make gun control a one-issue campaign. Left-wing extremes are no more cuddly then rightwing counterpart and causes further gravitation to the poles.

    Climate change also getting crazy with extremists pouring on coal – very likely blowback serving to stem Koch-enabled Citizens United tide. Pushing for deniers to be brought forward on ‘racketeering’ charges. Not to be outdone, vaccine and GMO forces – another hornets nest but criss-crossing party and socioeconomic lines – have own short-list of ‘racketeers’ to be added to their witchhunt – beat goes on.

    Only rememberance of so much animosity and polarization is in childhood – long hot summer race war during summer vacation, Nixon and Nam protests, and the hippies. Each side entrnched with lines drawn and no one will cross, to do so is to walk into the gulf of divide where extremes on each side attempt to drown the other.

    Partly explains belligerent bellicose tyrant Trump emergence, rhetoric vicariously represents rage of fringe-extremists. Still believe only the minority, numbers most likely decieving as were the stadiums of adoring Palin fans, George Wallace, rise and fall of other such nuts.

    Taking comfort in knowledge that although the monsters looked big and scary – withered and died out so still have hope that good will triumph. Hopefully GOP and party bosses will get a whiff of the juan valdez. Enough to cause grown men to fill pockets with smelling salts – bring on the fainting-couches, I reel at his very sight.

    No wonder Trump gets security detail, unfortunately only serves to embolden as evidenced by ever-increasing volume of pasty red-faced rants which raise red swastika-decked flags imagery. Looks like he does a few lines in the limo before each ‘speech’- so amped. Don’t think GL applicable when emulation is this exact.

  2. “…pig ignorant…” ? Come on, pigs are rather intelligent overall. Is Trump a rich narcissistic hemorrhoid ? Yeah, I think so. He’s also dangerous.

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