Legislature moves State House under cover of night

Senator McAllister (R-Franklin): “Where’d everybody go?”

Under cover of darkness last week, the Vermont Legislature had the Statehouse dismantled and moved (via flatbed trucks and National Guard helicopters) to an undisclosed location. According to insiders, the action was taken the day before embattled Senator Norm McAllister (R-Franklin County) was due to arrive for a committee hearing. McAllister was not informed that the Statehouse had been moved, or where it had been moved to.

There were a handful of reports of sightings of the golden dome, mostly in out-of-the-way or hard to reach locales. One Representative (who asked not to be identified) indicated that the moves would continue.

“We hear that Norm might’ve gotten wind of where we are, so we’ll probably be moving the building again tonight. WIth any luck, he’ll get lost trying to find us, which could buy us a few more days and save the taxpayers some of the relocation expenses. It aint cheap.”

State House spotted by hikers.

When asked why the legislature doesn’t simply vote to expel the scandalized Franklin County Senator rather than continue to resort to such extraordinary means to insure he gets nowhere near the legislative spotlight, one anonymous Senator scoffed.

“Oh, please. Dealing with Norm is the last thing any of us want to do.

A few million dollars here and there to avoid it is a small price to pay.”




2 thoughts on “Legislature moves State House under cover of night

  1. This sets us on a slippery slope. And does the legislature really need another albeit more expensive method of delay to avoid dealing with difficult issues?

  2. I’m sure Dustin Degree would prefer this solution to expelling McAllister!

    You should have seen his op-ed in Thursday’s Messenger. Pity it can’t be read online, but I clipped it for future reference. 😉

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